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The Best Apps To Edit Photos On Your Mobile

From Hofmann we are aware that the mobile can not take better photos than a camera and that the fewer retouching the photos have, the more real they are, however, sometimes a filter, a crop in the image or a different frame can make our photos they are much more beautiful. Nowadays, mobiles take amazing photos and also as we live glued to the mobile, we always have them at that perfect moment: a landscape, a hug from two brothers, a sunset, the worst gift in history …

Then, once the moment is captured, a few filters can be applied here and there, and we can even have photos.

But let’s go with the first step, the photos. Before talking about applications that you can use to turn photos into photos, we leave you with some modest tips for taking photos with your mobile:

Always take more than one photo. So, if one goes out of focus or bad light or whatever, you will always have spare.

Take the photo from the phone’s camera application and not directly from the camera option of the applications themselves.

Use natural light whenever possible. I personally don’t like the flash at all.

Take the photo from different angles. The perfect photo may not be from the front but from above, or from a corner.

Open your eyes wide. Obvious, but if it is about capturing special moments, you have to be vigilant.

And now yes, now that we have the photo taken, we are going with some applications to decorate photos that you can use to have better photos.

1. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

This free application allows you to create collages with different formats, backgrounds and spaces, create double exposure photos, add different sources to your images, as well as touch up lights, glitters and colors. If you want to share your photos on social networks, Pixlr is your application. Also, it is free for Android and iOS.

2. Snapseed – iOS and Android

Snapseed is one of the most complete free photo editing applications on the market. Apart from the basic adjustments of size, HDR, perspective and its option of “Improve photo” where you have the possibility to modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows; You have the option to select a part of the image and apply the filter you want, both blur, vintage, etc. Also, it can process RAW files.

These filters work with layers, so we can always go back to the first image modification or adjust each one separately. On Instagram you can see examples of photos with the hashtag #snapseed, which has more than 12M photos.

3. VSCO Cam – App for Android and IOS

In my opinion, one of the most complete. One of the quintessential photo editing programs and one of the most complex free applications is VSCO Cam. With this app you can modify the exposure, contrast and even correct the temperature of your photos.

With it you can apply filters, regulate light, saturation, adjust brightness, temperature, exposure, saturation, sharpness, etc … In addition, it has some preset filters that are very easy to apply since you instantly see how the photo will look. Personally I usually look first if my photo needs a filter and then I adjust the photo, with the filter applied, the light, color, sharpness or whatever you need.

The filters are very authentic and smooth so that your photos appear to have no retouching; It features warm, vintage, black and white saturated filters, and you can always calibrate the intensity of the filters.

The photos can be exported or shared directly on your social networks. Instagram has the #vscocam hashtag where users upload their creations and there are more than 195 million posts under that hashtag. Upload yours and go ahead and share your creations!

When to use this application? Almost always or always, but it is especially useful for photos you take indoors or at night.

Look at how this photo that did not have much light was and was edited with this app to highlight the world ball.

4. Prisma Photo Editor: cool images for mobile

Prisma Photo Editor allows you to edit your photos with up to 800 filters. Most of its filters are free, but there is an option for Premium filters. You can also regulate the intensity of the filter by adjusting the percentage you want to modify.

This application uses styles highly derived from famous paintings such as The Wave of Kasushika Hokusai, The Scream by Edvard Munch, Monokone from the Miyazaki film, and Illegal Beuty by the artist Natalie Ratkovski, among many others. It also uses artistic filters in the Van Gogh, Picasso or Munch style, modern comic, manga style, etc. They are not natural filters, but they give a very original touch to your photographs that may look like pictures or drawings made by you.

It also has a hashtag on Instagram where you can see the creations of other users under #Prisma with more than 3M of shared photos.

5. Afterlight: app to edit vintage photos

Very similar to the first one, VSCOcam, and ideal for photo editing, with filters and adjustments for light, saturation, contrast … But also, it has a series of letter filters and also the option of being able to set the photo with the size you want, square, rectangular, circular, oval …

With a total of 59 different filters and 66 textures, Afterlight makes your photos have color and light. In addition to the 77 different and adjustable frames that combine perfectly with artistic photographs. With more than 5M of photos shared on Instagram under the hashtag #afterlight, it is one of the apps for editing photos most used by our users.

The possibility of placing touches of color in only parts of the photo makes your creations very original. Of course, you can also include texts and play with the control of light, saturation, shadows, and color curves among many possibilities.

You can install more filters and customize your filter pack, or create your own filters and save them with the name you want. We are also in love with their vintage filters that make your photos look old modern, and we love double exposure photos.

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