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Live Photos: An Interactive And Engaging Format On Facebook

Have you noticed a new post format in your Facebook News Feed lately? This publication is visible on all media, but only on mobile can you activate it. It is a post on which you must press and hold your finger to launch the content, which the Anglo-Saxons simply called a “Press & Hold Facebook Post”.

It is not a format unique to Facebook since it is a Live Photos format supported by Facebook. This might ring a bell if you own or have owned an iPhone. These interactive photos are made possible thanks to the intuitive application, which is only available in the App Store for iOS devices. Interested in this engaging format? Mobile in hand, discover some examples of publications produced by certain brands, and learn how they are created.

When Brands Appropriate Live Photos On Facebook

On Facebook, some brands have already appropriated Live Photos. Since this is not a format unique to Facebook, these posts are a roundabout way to foster interaction and engagement among their users on Facebook. Here are a few brand posts we’ve seen in our News Feed over the past few months:

Live Photos Used For A Game

St Michel has created a game around the format. Pressing the Live Photo means cakes from the St Michel brand are ejected from the gift box. Users then had to name the cakes they had seen to win them.

Monoprix has used the same game principle as St Michel in its Live Photo.

Live Photos As A Means Of Prevention

The government published a Live Photo to raise road safety awareness in a completely different register. The message broadcast in this innovative form has been “liked” more than 14,000 times, commented on more than 2,800 times and shared more than 19,000 times.

Live Photos To Promote A Series Or A Film

Arte created a Live Photo to promote the new season of the Top of the Lake series. The channel recently released another Live Photo for its new series, River.

On the occasion of the release of the film Paddington 2, many Facebook formats were used to promote the film while encouraging engagement and interaction. Photo filters and Canvas, Facebook Live and Stories have been created. Organic publications were also original and creative, like their Live Photo.

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Live Photos To Launch A New Product

Volkswagen Singapore orchestrated the launch of its new car via a Live Photo. By pressing on the publication, we guess a car but which one? That’s the whole point of Live Photos. You can use it to launch a product by gradually revealing a few features of the new product, which arouses the interest of users who try to guess which flagship model of the Volkswagen range it is, in this case, the brand’s new Golf.

Live Photos To Highlight Your Product

Like Beko, you can use Live Photos to showcase your products and show details. Here, Beko highlights its oven’s “Steam Aid ®” function.

Live Photos To Present Your Wishes Originally

Volkswagen has adopted this format. Here, the Volkswagen France Page uses a Live Photo to wish you a happy new year to its users.

We have presented only a few examples of use here, but we can imagine others. Brands, which are slowly starting to use Live Photos, could use it to show before/after images, to present short customer testimonials, to present their team or the interior of their premises, etc.

How To Create A “Press & Hold Facebook Post”?

What Do You Need?

To create a Live Photo, you will need the following:

  • An Apple mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with an iOS version greater than 9.1
  • Of the intoLive Pro app
  • Of photo or video media to create slideshows, GIFs, carousel photos or videos under 30 seconds
  • A cover image with an icon, thumbnail or text referring to “Press & Hold”. We generally find the text “Press & Hold” for English versions or the fingerprint symbol to show that you must touch the screen to activate Live Photos.

How Do I Create A Live Photo And Post It On Facebook?

In the intuitive Pro app, you create content that will stream when users tap the screen. To do this, choose which images and videos you want to put in your Live Photo. You just need to know that videos shouldn’t reach 30 seconds. If you decide to use photos, the application will automatically create a slideshow with your chosen photos.

However, you can only select a maximum of 30. Then, the next step allows you to choose the image of the post that will appear in the Facebook News Feed. It is also on this cover image that users should be told to press the photo to activate it. This cover image must respect the ratio and dimensions of the media used in your Live Photo.

Once you’ve made your Live Photo, all you have to do is post it to Facebook. From your Facebook application, on mobile exclusively, download and publish your Live Photo like a normal photo. This is identified by the symbol specific to Live Photos.

Up To You!

Live Photos are a simple and free (or almost) way to create engagement on your Facebook posts. All you have to do is download the intuitive Pro app from the App Store for €3.49. It also involves owning an Apple mobile. You can also trust us and entrust the production of your Live Photos to our Creation Department.

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