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The Best Applications That Will Make Your Life As A Student Easier

We know that deciding to return to study can be complicated when it comes to complementing it with your work and your personal life. Whether it is a master’s degree, a degree or a face-to-face course, studying requires an effort that we cannot always meet.

Whatever your decision, in this article we have come to talk to you about the best tools for students who need to use facial and quick methods so that the day will fill them.

If you don’t know them, the following applications will revolutionize your life.


Have you signed up for a free online language course? This application (it also has a web page, in case you don’t want to download the application) will be of great help to you. If you do not know it yet, we are sure that it will surprise you for good. And it is that in WordReference you can translate words from one language to another, conjugate verbs, search for synonyms and even examples. It is a very complete application and the translations are very precise. The only downside is that you can’t search for entire phrases.


Often, teachers ask us for a bibliography at the end of a work. We know that writing a bibliography implies spending a lot of time on it, especially if we want to do it properly (respecting italics, order, capitalization, etc.) However, today we have come to bring you the solution: EasyBib. Once you try this app, you can’t be without it.


If the decision to return to study has meant having to stop working, you will surely be worried about your finances. Now, just like when you worked, you will need to distract yourself; Fintonic will help you create a history of your expenses, so that you can know at all times what goes in and out of your account and thus grant you slightly cheaper distractions.

Google Drive

It is perhaps the best-known tool in the entire list and surely, even if you have never used it, you have heard of Google Drive.

And is that this great Google tool, is not limited to a cloud where to store your documents. Thanks to Drive, you can create documents, notes, presentations, etc .; You can share it with your colleagues and you can even work on the same document, without the need to download it since many files can be edited online.

Many teachers use Google Drive to share notes and classes with students, especially when it comes to free online courses, and this is another of the many reasons why, whether you are a student or not, you should have Google Drive. .


We have come to the last tool. In Coursera you can find free courses that will be very useful to review a topic that has not been entirely clear to you or that you have studied for a long time. Listening to another point of view can be very useful for studies. The good thing is that you can leave the class anywhere, that you will never lose your progress.

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