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Free Alternatives To TeamViewer To Remotely Control Windows 10

Thanks, among other things, to the possibilities that the Internet offers us in these times, remote control over other equipment is becoming more and more common, an operating mode that both companies and private users nowadays use. of all the world. Companies, for example, use this type of remote work to provide all kinds of assistance without having to travel to the location as such, as it happened a few years ago, with the savings that all this implies for them.

At the same time, individual users can use these types of solutions to help friends and family who have problems with their computers much more directly, all without having to travel to the affected person’s home. Well, we will say that right now we can find a good number of applications that will be of great help to us in this type of task. Perhaps the best known and used at the moment, at least as regards the domestic sphere, is TeamViewer, but as usual, this is a tool that is not liked by everyone. Thus, fortunately, there are other interesting alternatives to this solution, as we will see later in these lines, and they are sure to be a good solution for these treatments.

And it must be borne in mind that for many users, especially for those who are more specialized in these skills and work modes, despite the popularity of the aforementioned TeamViewer, it is not powerful or safe enough with respect to other more options. advanced. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that although this is a very interesting proposal to enter this world of remote control, security is at the same time a very important section, which is why many prefer to try other similar programs that offer greater guarantees in this regard.


One of the best totally free alternatives to teamViewer that we can find online is Supremo. This application can be used for free and allows us to connect remotely to any computer without having to install any software and without complicated configurations on the router or firewall. This application can be executed in a portable way and, if we want, we can leave the software installed to be able to make an unattended remote connection. In addition, it allows multiple users to connect to the computer at the same time.

Security is also one of its strengths, with AES 256-bit encryption for all connections, and it also provides us with a series of useful tools for remote work. Also note that it has native clients for Android and iOS to connect remotely to our computer from our mobile devices.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection Secondly we will talk about the function that is already integrated by default in Windows for these tasks and that allows us to manage certain aspects of the PC remotely, all from the System Control Panel. Thus we can control and modify sections such as the configuration of the equipment, or the stored contents, all this in a simple and accessible way, we will also save ourselves from having to install additional applications on the equipment.


In this case we will talk about a valid proposal for both Windows and MacOS based equipment that will allow us to control a PC remotely, all in a fairly intuitive way. Furthermore, in a single session of this type that we open, we can connect up to a maximum of 250 teams, which makes it more than adequate for work meetings, for example. In addition, as happens with the aforementioned TeamViewer program, this proposal can be used both in desktop environments and on mobile devices, which greatly increases its versatility.

Real VNC

To continue with this type of work, below we will talk about an open source alternative that has been with us for several years and has been created to facilitate these remote control tasks. One of its main features is the security it offers, which has earned it the trust of many users over time. At the same time, it has some of the most common functionalities in this type of tool, such as being able to use an internal chat, share files, have a secure encryption system, etc. Of course, at the same time it must be borne in mind that its start-up and configuration will be a little more complicated than that of other proposals that we have discussed here


This is another interesting tool of this type that will be of great help when it comes to remotely managing other equipment. It also has the advantage that it is cross-platform software, so we can use it on both desktop and mobile devices. This will allow us to work on all kinds of platforms in a synchronized way, even sharing in this case, multimedia content between the computers connected by Splashtop. Mikogo And to finish with the tools of this type, alternatives to remote control TeamViewer, we are going to talk about Mikogo, a proposal in this case of payment that focuses somewhat more on business and professional work than the other proposals mentioned above.

In fact, in this case we are referring to a web application that can therefore be treated from any Internet browser in a secure manner and will save us from having to install clients locally on the PC’s hard drive. At the same time, it will allow us to carry out the most common tasks of this type of program, such as remotely controlling other computers, sharing files between them, having our own chat system, etc.

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