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The 14 Best Mobile Accessories To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone

If we had to decide which is the most popular phone on the market, that would undoubtedly be the iPhone and, around it, or there are thousands of accessories that make it a much better product.

There is little doubt, despite being a high-end product, the iPhone is the most popular phone on the market. Since its appearance in 2007, not only Apple has been working on improving it with a wide variety of versions, but a multitude of mobile accessories have appeared that make the small smartphone something much more important.

What would the iPhone be without its accessories? Once you know a few, they are irreplaceable.

What do Accessories bring to an iPhone?

Among the main mobile accessories, we can find some that raise the level of our photographic captures, such as special tripods, minimal printers or stabilizers that make you a true filmmaker.

We also have other elements to make our daily life easier, such as wireless charging devices, memories designed to connect directly with the phone or small gadgets that help us find lost objects.

But, possibly the area where we find the best options for our iPhone is in the world of high fidelity audio, with wireless speakers and headphones of all kinds.

If we see the utility from the Apple point of view, the perfect combinations with your smartphone are related to the new MagSafe technology and Apple Watch, the smart watch of the house.

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We are going to know 15 Mobile Accessories that add value to the Apple iPhone

1. Apple Watch SE

The ideal companion for an iPhone phone is that the smart watch within the house, since it gives us the chance to access a mess of notifications and functionalities without having to require the terminal out of the pocket. it’s also a really neat device, which finishes up adding style to our look.

When choosing one among the prevailing models, the one that seems most interesting to us is that the Apple Watch SE, because it brings together the foremost important functionalities of the house watches with the foremost balanced price.

2. SanDisk iXpand 64GB

As in Apple phones that don’t have a card slot, there’s no thanks to expand the serial capacity, is there? Videos, apps and photos continue to grow in size, so trying to find an external thanks to store them may be a relief.

This SanDisk gives us the answer and also constitutes how to move the contents to a different device. Sandisk’s iXpand Flash Drive features 64GB of space and a Lightning connector.

3. Xbox Wireless Controller

The mobile is moving from being an off-the-cuff place to possess top-quality games which will rival the simplest consoles. However, trying to master some titles with the touch screen is an impossible task.

There are a mess of wireless controls which will solve this ballot, but we are left with the Xbox one for its ergonomics and proven quality. It also pairs with a mess of gadgets like Xbox consoles, Windows 10 PCs or Android devices.

4. Belkin UV Sterilizer and Charger

Two birds with one stone, a wireless charger from Belkin, which is additionally a sterilizer for our terminal, or the other device that involves mind, like keys, rings or coins.

Eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria in ten minutes using two UV-C LED lights. Regarding the load, it’s a quick system with an influence of 10 W.

5. PopSockets Carbonite Weave

Many see these Popsockets as a fashion accessory that only the youngest use, but it’s an adhesive support that helps us transform the phone in a crucial way: you gain comfort in use and even safety when holding it in your hand.

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6. Inves car charger

As simple but as useful as a car charger, which is a perfect place to place our batteries to full capacity while we reach subsequent destination. There are many possible options, however, for price and quality, we elect this one from Inves, which exhibits two fast charging ports, with cables with USB-C and Lightning connectors.

7. MagSafe wireless charger

Phones don’t have infinite autonomy, it’s not even one among its greatest sections, and it’s something that the iPhone also suffers. Manufacturers have softened this problem with fast charging and wireless charging, trying to form everything more agile and fluid.

If you’ve got one among the new iPhones 12, there’s no better recommendation than the official wireless charger, which lines up perfectly with phones because of the new MagSafe system.

8. Marshall Acton II portable speaker

We have proposed a simple to move and resistant speaker like the JBL that we’ve a couple of lines above, but many have the necessity to possess a wireless speaker that imposes a method within the room. Thus, this Acton II is a perfect option for music lovers and has the emblematic design of the brand.

9. Tile

For all those forgetful people that are losing important things, this tiny Tile may be a great invention. With it, finding objects is far easier. they’re small “tags” with Bluetooth connectivity that hook up with the mobile.

If we put one within the wallet or within the keys, we will make it ring from the phone to seek out these objects. Also the other way around , it’s possible to locate the mobile by pressing the Tile button twice, in order that the iPhone starts ringing, albeit it’s in silent mode. And not least, you’ll locate the Tile on a map, you’ll see the last time and place where it had been updated.

10. Apple MagSafe leather case

Apple’s own leather case not only protects the new iPhone 12, it dresses it in impeccable style because of its refined and tanned European leather, which is soft to the touch and takes on a natural tone over time.

We have the new MagSafe technology that completely aligns accessories like the wireless charger.

11. Sony WH-XB900NB Headband Headphones

If yours are not the wireless earbuds that have become so fashionable and what you want is a headband, more powerful and enveloping in sound, also more comfortable, then the best option is proposed by Sony.

These headphones continue to have an easy-to-carry size, an autonomy that reaches 30 hours and, most importantly, an active external noise cancellation system that is difficult to beat.

12. JBL Charge 4 Speaker

The phone is also our multimedia center, ideal for playing all kinds of music and video. But its small speakers are not its highlight, not on the iPhone or any other terminal.

Therefore, we bring you a first-rate wireless speaker such as JBL is the solution, with as much power as sound quality and an autonomy that can reach 20 hours of playback. Not only that, its 6,000 mAh serve as an external battery to charge other devices. It has a microphone to use the voice assistant.

13. Beats PowerBeats Pro Headphones

The elimination of the headphone jack port on the iPhone has led us to look for wireless alternatives, and in the field of sports headphones few options are better than the Beats PowerBeats Pro.

These wireless headphones give you all the freedom of movement you need in training, as they are designed so that they do not fall off. They also have IPX4 certification, which makes them resistant to water and sweat. Its autonomy reaches up to 9 hours of playback.

14. DJI OSMO Mobile 4 stabilizer

If what you are looking for is to impressively improve your video recordings, obtaining cinematic results, then you have to know this DJI stabilizer. If the iPhone already records very smoothly, with this accessory the tremors will disappear.

In addition to stabilization, the OSMO motors make it possible to control shots precisely, creating perfect panoramas. Note that the anchoring with the phone is magnetic. It is also a fantastic support for taking photos from a distance using gestures.

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