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Microsoft Teams: A Short Guide To Using The Platform For Communication And Collaboration

What is Microsoft Groups, and how can it work? A stage for upgrading work processes and further developing business against Slack. In July 2018, Microsoft delivered Groups Free, a free variant of the help that permits you to enhance cooperation exercises inside workgroups.

Groups are proposed as a perspective not just for informing and the trading of material among partners and teammates yet additionally as a “fundamental instrument” for arranging arrangements and exercises, settling on video decisions and video conferencing from the internet browser as well as from Android and iOS cell phones and Windows Telephone as well as utilizing Windows and macOS frameworks.

Microsoft Groups difficulties the notable Leeway head-on and presently contacts experts and small and medium-sized organizations. The stage can be utilized at no expense, with the chance of overseeing up to 300 clients (a component that permits you to address the issues of other organized organizations). The central limit of the available rendition of Groups is the 2GB of space per client and 10GB of shared space (rather than the 1TB per client in the paid membership plans).

Groups incorporate Office 365 and Office On the web and permit you to oversee and work with correspondences and work processes because of the chance of interacting with around 150 usually utilized applications and administrations created by outsiders. To get to the total rundown of upheld applications after arranging Groups, click on the More applications button (it is situated in the left segment promptly beneath Documents and pick More applications ).

As well as coordinating with Word, Succeed, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and OneNote, we could feature the chance of recovering and utilizing the reports created progressively, even in the cloud, by Power BI. This instrument permits you to change information into valuable data for working on the business :

  • Create charts and interactive reports from Excel, databases and any data source
  • Power BI, the reporting tool is updated that allows you to extract data from multiple sources

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Teams, Channels And Tabs

Teams and channels help groups of people organize themselves while maintaining control over the activities performed. A team is the overall group of people working on a project; the teams are made up of channels, each dedicated to a specific topic. Users of the accessible version of Microsoft Teams can create a team for their company or business and then move on to creating channels and boards.

Tabs allow you to integrate the files, applications and services you prefer or find helpful in a chat or channel. By default, Teams inserts a few potentially helpful tabs into each channel: the File tab, for example, helps keep track of all the documents that have been uploaded to the currently selected channel; Wiki allows you to draft documents, track meeting notes, collaborate and edit papers in real-time.

Since it is, in turn, a sort of container, to create a new tab, it will first be necessary to upload some files: only in this way will Teams “unlock” and make the Save button usable . Team tabs can be populated using data from other applications and services. In this way, it is possible to collect in a single “control panel” all the information from different sources, significantly improving the productivity of employees and collaborators.

Within each channel, conversations can be started to reach the other team members directly by comparing their ideas and expressing any doubts or problems. By using the @ symbol followed by another user’s name, you can mention them in your messages, attracting their attention. The so-called mentions will appear in the feed, accessible by clicking the Activity button, the first in the left column.

With a click on Chat and then on the New chat icon, you can start a private conversation with individual team members. The appropriate icons allow you to transform a text chat into an audio or video call: this is why Microsoft Teams is now considered the successor of Skype for Business: Microsoft will bet everything on Teams and retire Skype for Business. The service enables the integration of messaging and communications within the team with the company’s workflows and document management.

With Teams, those participating in a channel can easily switch from a group conversation to a live meeting. And it is also possible to schedule appointments by setting the date and time and sending invitations. The beauty of Teams is that since the application is compatible with multiple devices (distributed in the form of an app), being able to be used from desktops and notebooks or with a simple web browser (at the moment, it is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Edge), you will receive real-time notifications about activities that need verification.

How To Try Microsoft Teams

To test Microsoft Teams, go to this page and enter the email address corresponding to a Microsoft account. Using,,,, or similar statements is optional: any email address can become a Microsoft account.

At first, it is advisable to register with the account that will manage Teams and then move on to invite one by one the collaborators who will have to share the use of the platform. By clicking on the Open the Web app button, you can immediately try Teams without installing anything, possibly evaluating the download and installation of “ad hoc” applications later.

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