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Instructions To Move Information From Android To iPhone: The Total Guide

If you are considering the idea of ​​​​changing your phone and think that this could involve a – drastic – Switch from Android to iPhone, you are in the right place to understand the characteristics of an Apple device. Also, if you’re scared of having a new empty phone and losing all the old data you’ve so carefully stored on your previous smartphone, don’t despair. This guide will also explain how to transfer data from Android to iPhone without losing anything: photos, contacts, notes, or simple files. Everything can follow you on your new phone.

Why Switch To An iPhone?

Although you will probably need time to get used to the new device (because, don’t worry, it is known that the transition from Android to iPhone requires some adaptation time), you must consider the advantages of an Apple device. Greater quality and safety, certainly higher performance with all applications, without considering the electronic aging times, which for devices that carry the apple on the back are significantly higher than any competitor, whether it’s Samsung, Huawei, or Xiaomi. All these qualities are not justified by the higher price of Apple devices, especially compared to competitors.

Still, we have the right solution for you, even in this case. If you want a high-quality, high-performance device that won’t let you down after spending just a few years with you, what you may not have considered is buying a refurbished smartphone that is renovated and fully functional. It will reassure you to know that refurbished phones are checked on various points – in particular, we at CertiDeal carry out tests on 32 control points, guarantee our devices for 24 months and offer the possibility of free returns within 21 days following the purchase. The cost of a refurbished phone is much lower than that of a new smartphone, so that it could be the right solution for you.

How To Move Information From Android To iPhone

Once you have decided and bought your new or refurbished iPhone, all that is left to do is transfer all the data from the previous smartphone to the new one. To do this, which shouldn’t scare you at all as it’s quite simple and fast, there are several methods you can choose from based on the amount of data you have to move. It is also important to understand how much time you have to do this, whether you want to do it manually or not, and if you wish to transfer all your data without distinction or choose which ones to keep and which not.

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Switch To iOS

The easiest and fastest way to switch data from an Android device to an Apple one is through an application created by Apple to facilitate this operation called “Switch to iOS.” The app can be downloaded on almost all Android devices that have access to the Play Store, so you will have to download the app on your old phone, turn on your new iPhone and before configuring it, click directly on “Migrate data from Android,” then click “Continue.” At this point, a transfer code will appear on the screen of your iPhone, which you must type in the app on Android and, thus, connect it to the Wi-Fi network generated by the iPhone. Finally, you must select the content you want to copy to the new device and finish setting up your iPhone.

To facilitate the operation, keep the two devices close to each other and connected to the power supply until the end of the data transfer is indicated on both screens. The operation should take a little time, but this depends mainly on the amount of data you are transferring. If, on the other hand, you had already configured the iPhone before starting the data transfer, you will now be forced to do a restore because the Switch to iOS app only works on iPhones that have not yet been configured. The resetting procedure is simple, especially if you still need to insert files on the new device. Here is a list of what will automatically transfer to your iPhone with the Move to iOS app:

  • Contacts
  • Message history
  • Camera photos and videos
  • Photo albums
  • Files and Folders
  • Accessibility settings
  • Display settings
  • Web bookmarks
  • Email accounts
  • Calendars

However, some data cannot be automatically migrated using this application from an Android device to an Apple one: among these are music, books, and pdfs, which must be transferred manually. We will see later how to do it easily.

Transfer Data From Android To iPhone Manually

While using data transfer apps is quite convenient, they are great if you have a large amount of data that you want to transfer in bulk to your new device. If, on the other hand, you want to manually select some files because you don’t need to move them all to your new device, or you want to transfer files, such as books and music, that are not included in the step with the Switch to iOS app, let’s see what are the alternatives to perform these operations by hand. Obviously, in this case, the procedure will be different depending on the type of data you want to transfer but don’t despair because, in this guide, you will find instructions for every kind of file.

Move Images And Videos From Android To iPhone

There are two alternatives to transferring all media files from your old Android to an Apple device. The first involves using a computer, which is essential for copying all your photos and videos from your old smartphone and then pasting them into the new one. This is certainly a longer procedure, and since there is no painless way to do a simple copy and paste from Android to Apple, we recommend downloading the Google Photos app if you have many files.

If you download it and log into your account on both your devices, it will be much easier to have all your photos and videos at your fingertips and choose which ones to save in the gallery of the new iPhone. In this case, the backup will take place automatically. Therefore, we advise you to connect to a good Wi-Fi network to speed up the process.

Transfer Contacts And Calendars

In this case, you can use Google applications to transfer data related to contacts and calendars. You can also share text messages by synchronizing your Google account directly on your iPhone. From “Settings,” go to “Mail” according to the data you want to transfer. Click “Account” and add the email address you want to download the data. Once this is done, don’t forget to activate the “Contacts” and “Calendar” options. For the procedure to be successful, the information must have previously been synchronized to your Google account from your old mobile phone.

Move Docs And Music From Android To iPhone

As mentioned above, some data cannot be moved automatically from an Android to an iPhone, even if we use special applications. Let’s see briefly how to transfer this type of file. As for music, first of all, we must remember that if you use streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, or YouTube Music, all your playlists and your data are automatically saved on the app, so you need to download it again on your new device to continue to listen to your favorite songs.

If, on the other hand, you have music saved in the memory of your Android smartphone, you can easily transfer it to your new iPhone using applications such as “Send Anywhere,” which is very simple and intuitive. Furthermore, with the same app, you can transfer documents you still need to do so through the most popular applications such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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