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Looking Good In Video Chat – Here Are The 5 Tips To Follow

Would you like to look particularly good in a video call? Here we explain how to do it.

Of course, you can also hold every meeting in a video call just as your equipment is set up. But there is also a better way: We have put together some tips for you here that will make you look perfect on a video call!

Adjust lighting

Proper lighting can make a huge difference in a video call. In the best case, provide frontal lighting to avoid unsightly shadows. In no case should you have a window in your back? Your face then looks much darker, and at the same time, the substantial incidence of light could cause distraction or a distorted camera image.

It is best to position your light source about 30 cm above your eye level. If you are blinded, you can hold your face down slightly or move the light source a little further up. In general, you should use indirect lighting with a slight red cast. Daylight, for example, has a slight bluish cast and can severely distort your complexion in the camera shot.

Align the camera correctly

You will undoubtedly master the basics of the correct camera position. You should be placed roughly in the middle; the focus is on your face. The camera should be so far away that you can see your head and part of your upper body – much like in a personal conversation at the table. However, there are also a few details regarding alignment that are not immediately apparent: Position your camera at least at eye level, preferably around 30% higher.

This is how you can avoid an unattractive double chin. At the same time, your gaze at the camera will be transmitted to your chat partner much more naturally. And even if it’s difficult – try to look less at the video transmissions of your colleagues and more actually into the camera. Here is a fun but practical tip that can help: Glue a wiggle eye to the left and right of your camera.

At first, this might seem a bit silly. However, it helps to appear utterly natural during video calls and look your colleagues in the eye in the long run.

Customize background

The background is an integral part of the video chat. If chaos reigns behind you, it can distract you in the conference – and, in the worst case, give you a bad reputation with your colleagues. In general, you should be careful not to see too many objects in the background.

Some personal accents like plants or a bookshelf are lovely. So that you are not placed too much in the environment, your experience should be a little darker and less illuminated than you are. If you cannot change your background to match, you can cover it with a virtual environment.

Here we are going to show you how to change the background in Microsoft Teams. You could also blur your background so that only shapes and colors can be seen. Read here how to use virtual environments and filters in Zoom.

Choose appropriate clothing

The right clothes can make a huge difference in a meeting. Even if the temptation is great, avoid wearing clothes that are “too comfortable”. Nobody sees it when you are sitting at the computer in sweatpants. However, this can mean that you no longer feel really in the mood to work.

And even if you wear regular clothes, there are a few things to keep in mind: It is best to wear neutral clothes. Bright colors or patterns, especially stripes, can sometimes not be adequately perceived by the camera. Your picture may then not be transmitted in the video chat, or it may be very distorted.

Very dark clothing can mean that you are no longer so visible in the video chat – especially if your study or background is also kept relatively dark. Gleaming white tops are not an alternative either, because “gleaming” is to be taken literally in this case: pure white clothing can reflect light, which can lead to distorted image transmission.

Avoid sources of interference

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you should generally also make sure that you can work as undisturbed as possible. The first time it may be funny for you and your colleagues when your cat jumps on the keyboard and also wants to “chat” with you.

If this happens more often, however, it can disturb concentration and thus the entire meeting. So try to keep pets busy as much as possible. If possible, schedule your appointments so that there are few people in the household. Talk to your children and explain the importance of video calls. But it also applies: if your children need your help during the meeting, ask them to take a short break.

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