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Microsoft Exchange Online: The Way To More Security In Email Traffic

A large part of business email communication now runs via Microsoft 365. Small companies usually adequately cover their security requirements with the available options, but gaps quickly become apparent for complex or hybrid infrastructures. Unique cloud solutions for email security also protect business information exchange.

According to Gartner, around 90 per cent of all companies already use Microsoft 365 for business communication. Microsoft Exchange Online is almost always used. The security offered by Microsoft is not sufficient for many companies, especially with complex or hybrid infrastructures.

Microsoft Exchange Online: For More Security

Additional email security solutions are available to provide the best possible protection for the email communication channel, which is still the main gateway for cyber attacks. Like Microsoft 365, these can be obtained entirely from the cloud and provide an additional security layer that “disguises” the primary email solution from the outside. This makes it harder for attackers, especially regarding attacks aimed at Microsoft environments.

Ensure licence-Independent High Level Of Protection

The range of functions of an additional solution should go beyond pure antivirus or anti-spam filters and protect against zero-day attacks, more complex phishing methods or CEO fraud with the help of modern mechanisms for advanced threat protection or post-delivery protection. An AI-supported sandbox, in particular, offers added value here. At best, in contrast to API-based Microsoft add-on solutions, administrators can also intervene in the communication channel at any time and complete control, route, and secure it. If a secure email gateway approach is chosen, sets of rules take effect even before a message reaches your own infrastructure or the cloud email provider.

When choosing cloud email security, companies should also make sure that the provider ensures a uniformly high level of protection for all email mailboxes – regardless of the underlying Microsoft licence, which depending on the location, department or job description may vary in practice.

Stay Agile With A Multi-Vendor Strategy

For maximum protection, companies should rely on services that rely not only on technologies developed by the provider but also offer a best-of-breed approach that deliberately uses state-of-the-art solutions from market-leading providers. Through the intelligent use of multiple sources, the most comprehensive and up-to-date database possible is accessed, for example, in the case of virus signatures or phishing information. This enables exceptionally high detection rates and shortens response times.

Communicate Seamlessly In An Emergency: Microsoft Exchange Online

But it is not only cyber attacks that threaten day-to-day business. Hardware errors or cloud downtimes can also paralyse the infrastructure and thus central business processes. Ideally, a solution for email continuity should come into play here: This maintains email communication even if, for example, Microsoft Exchange Online as the primary infrastructure fails over a large area or is specifically attacked. The emails of the affected company are immediately made available via an easy-to-use email system via a web browser via an independent emergency system active in the background. Employees can continue to communicate without technical hurdles – even on the go.

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