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Why Do SEO Agencies Hate It When Clients Google Themselves To Check Rankings

For many companies, SEO measures are one of the essential points in marketing. That is why less experienced customers, in particular, use the help of SEO agencies. A mistake is often made: customers google themselves to check their rankings. We’ll show you why this is and how promises a remedy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is optimising a website for search engines. The goal of SEO is to be displayed as high as possible in the organic search results of Google & Co with the proper measures. Keywords play a crucial role in this.

For example, keywords are search terms that users enter into the search field on Google. To rank as well as possible with your website, the placement of suitable and relevant keywords in the right places is crucial.

SEO Agencies For Help In Marketing

Since many companies do not have the expertise to influence the ranking positively, they enlist the help of SEO agencies. Smaller SEO agencies and web designers, in particular, often have to deal with less experienced customers, such as the neighbour’s online shop or the local car dealer’s website, which need to be optimised and reach the top of Google search results.

The Big Mistake: Customers control their rankings by using Google search. However, many do not know that the search results are sometimes personalised and do not correspond to what potential customers see.

The questions quickly arise as to why the rankings have been supported since last week. Unfortunately, the standard SEO tools often do not offer a reporting function in addition to the login or the Excel expert for the keyword rankings. But giving all your customers access to the rank tracking tool is also impossible.

This Is How Keyword.Com Helps Agencies And Clients

For this reason, a rank tracking tool like is becoming increasingly popular in the English-speaking world. But lately, it is also gaining more and more market share in Germany. The tool (formerly known as SerpBook) has recognized the need and offers neutral reporting options.

Agencies can use the tool, among other things, to generate a link to make it available to customers. The customers can then observe their rankings. Since is particularly convincing with its high accuracy in rank tracking, there are no longer any different perspectives.

Incidentally, the call-to-action at the end of the page was built in via the URL shortener Sniply, which not only shortens and measures URLs but also, as you can see, allows a call-to-action to be displayed on third-party sites.

In addition to the reporting itself, is convinced with the share of voice features. This indicates how many clicks a company can achieve for a set of keywords compared to the maximum possible number of clicks if it were ranked first for all keywords in the background.

The significant advantage is that you can define the set of keywords yourself. The “visibility” is not influenced by high-volume keywords, which would never lead to sales, not even indirectly.

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