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10 Useful SEO Tools For Web Positioning

Struggling to appear at the top of Google is a crucial task to increase visits to your website.

This article includes some SEO tools that help improve the positioning of your website or blog.

Here we only show some of these SEO tools. There are other very useful platforms to achieve a good web positioning. Also, these tools keep updating.

They also keep creating new SEO positioning platforms or emerging new methods that help us raise positions in Google.

Semrush: the best SEO tool platform

It is possibly the most complete platform with a large number of SEO tools. All of them serve to position a website. In fact, its full name is: “SEMrush – Online visibility management platform”.

The only downside is that it works through subscriptions. Even so, if you need to boost your website and it is important that your company is well positioned, subscribe.

There are other free SEO tools with similar skills to Semrush. However, its functions are more limited. We will show an example later.

What possibilities does Semrush offer?

This platform is tremendously complex. Digging deeper into Semrush could take a tome from an encyclopedia. Here we will only see some of their tools.

Semrush allows to add different client projects. In this way we have greater control of all the web pages that we take care of.

The platform collects a large number of metrics. The most basic are those related to organic traffic, paid traffic, number of keywords on a website …

Some SEO tools of the platform are:

  • Clickstream: Identify competing traffic sources.
  • Topic Research: Analyze the content on a topic or what is trending on the internet. It is used to obtain content ideas.
  • Brand monitoring: Collect the tracking on social networks. Including everything that is published on one or several terms on social networks and on the network.
  • Social media tracker: It shows when the competition publishes more content or when it has more activity.
  • Post tracking: For example, it indicates how much traffic comes from a blog entry on a website.

However, the most commonly used SEO tools from Semrush are the following that we explain in more detail:

Position Tracking

It allows you to control the position in Google of the keywords of a website. Enter these keywords in the tool to visualize the positioning.

In this way, you can see the evolution over time of the positioning of the selected keywords. You can choose the timeline to see the visibility of those words.

You can also compare the position with respect to the competition. Include other websites of interest to record the fall or rise of your competition’s keywords.

Check each change in the positioning of the keywords. This depends on the strategy you are carrying out and the uses you are giving to keywords on the web.

Site audit

This section of Semrush allows you to see how a website is. If he is in good health or, on the contrary, he needs to implement internal changes to improve it.

That a website gets a high score is positive. It means that the page is taken care of, something that Google appreciates by placing it in better positions.

Semrush shows all the improvements that can be implemented on the web. It places special emphasis on errors and warnings that must be resolved to reach 100% score.

Keyword magic tool

It is a tool that allows you to research keywords for SEO campaigns.

Keyword magic tool has a search bar where you can find out about certain words. It can be organized by country.

It also offers information regarding cost per click, positioning difficulty or trends.

Enter the terms that interest you and the SEO tool will show you the volume of searches that are carried out on Google monthly with those words or related ones.

It is one of the most useful SEO tools for adapting the texts of a website, knowing what headings to use or what to write a blog entry for, among others.

In addition, keyword magic tool presents a wide variety of advanced filters. The tool is so developed that it even allows us to know what was the intention of the search according to the entered terms.

Ubersuggest: the quintessential free SEO tool

This is one of the free solutions to Semrush and previously mentioned. The functions and the information it provides is less.

Even so, it is a very decisive platform. It is suitable for those who cannot afford a subscription and do not need such detailed information.

What can we do with Ubersuggest?

  • Domain overview: It allows us to see the operation of the strategies that we apply on our website or on those of our competitors. For example the evolution of traffic, the cost of SEM campaigns, organic keywords.
  • Main SEO pages: Find out what are the most talked about topics on networks like Facebook and what keywords are positioned by other websites.
  • Keyword suggestions: Find the volume of searches around specific terms. Includes trends or positioning difficulty.
  • Content ideas: The tool helps in the creation of content so that it does not go unnoticed.
  • Backlink information: Lets know which content receives more links from other sites to request that they link to your website. This is one way to achieve greater impact.

Google Search Console: Google SEO positioning

It is a free Google service that serves to monitor, maintain and solve problems that may arise on your website.

Remember that the Google algorithm rewards those websites that are in good health.

With this tool you can run analysis by pasting the URL of your website. You will quickly know if your web business is properly indexed or not and the problems that may have arisen.

The tool notifies and details the errors and warnings it finds so they can be fixed.

It also allows solving problems derived from mobile usability and consulting the traffic data of a website.

Control the main metrics of your website or blog with Google Search Console.

Google Analytics

It is another of Google’s free tools to control a variety of metrics on a web page. It offers an overview to carry out different online strategies.

This resource registers elements such as: number of visits, their duration, traffic sources, pages visited, the most viewed sections, the most used keywords and the devices from which users connect.

Thus we obtain interesting data such as the bounce rate or other variables of importance to understand the user or client who visits the web.

XML – Sitemaps

XML – Sitemaps is one of the most recommended SEO tools to create a sitemap of a website.

This resource is freemium. In other words, it provides certain free services, although to access other more specific services, you must go to the cash desk.

What are sitemaps?

Basically they are files that provide information about certain types of content found on the different pages of a website. Photographs and videos are included here.

What is a sitemap for?

For Google to more efficiently crawl all content hosted on a website. This makes it easier for you to read the Google robot, which encourages you to go up positions in the multinational’s search engine.

With a sitemap the webmaster can mark the content of importance, so that Google takes it into account. It also allows you to index all the information on the web or without doing it on certain pages.

Rank Math SEO

It is a free SEO plugin that can be installed on web pages that are based on WordPress.

Rank Math SEO is one of the essential SEO tools to position a WordPress website. Such is the popularity it is gaining, that it has come to dethrone Yoast SEO, the other great free SEO plugin.

It is a tool that offers many possibilities. It allows to enter metadata in all entries and pages very precisely, with which to significantly improve the positioning of your website.

Image optimization is also essential. Rank Math SEO allows you to optimize them in terms of weight and metadata, by being able to add ALT and TITTLE tags to photos.

Focus on adding a focus keyword on pages, posts, and images.

Other highlights include adding rich text snippets, applying redirects, displaying 404 errors, editing the robots.txt file, managing the sitemap, or running a SEO web audit.

Check My Links

It is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to quickly check the status of all links on a page.

Once the extension is installed, you just have to activate it on the pages where you want to check the links.

In this way, with Check My Links we can know if there are broken links or if they all work correctly. In a matter of seconds this tool marks in green those that address properly and in red those that have a 404 error.

Correct the links with problems or eliminate them, if they cannot be solved, to improve your web positioning.

Clear cache

It doesn’t hurt to clear the cache from time to time. Especially when you do not stop accessing the same website during the work day.

This may cause this site to malfunction or display errors. Charging speeds may increase.

These problems are solved with a simple cache wipe.

Clear Cache makes it easy. It is another extension for Google Chrome and is used to clear cache and search data.

Clear the browser, cache and other temporary files with a simple click on the extension bar.


In certain social networks like Instagram you can only add a single link to our bio.

LinkTree is a free tool that allows you to customize a URL to direct you to a page with multiple links.

In this way, different links can be added to an Instagram profile without the need to choose only one of them.


It is an online marketing tool. Bitly is used to shorten URLs and post personalized links with our own brand on social media.

According to Bitly, this practice increases visits to the linked page by 34%. Some companies that use this tool are The New York Times, Nike, Amazon or Disney.

However, shortening URLs is not the only function of this application. It also allows us to measure the impact of our publications on social networks.

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