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Torrentz2 | Unblock Proxy Sites List Working In 2024 & Best Alternatives Of Torrentz2.eu Proxy

Torrentz2 was started in 2003. The popular Torrentz2 proxy websites were started nearly at the same time in which the official Torrent website was started. It provides the same features as every other Torrent site like The Pirate Bay, Kickass torrent, Extratorrent, and other foremost websites. It was also called “Google of Torrents.”

After facing the closure, it was evolved as a Torrentz2.eu website which represents the second version. It helps you download and browse torrent files. It has more than 80 torrent sites and provides a database of more than 90.

For transferring the files swiftly and effortlessly, BitTorrents is used. As many websites got their replicas or Mirrors and were expected to maintain continuity, torrentz2 is identical to the leading site as it has the same name, interface, and database.

Torrentz2 Proxy has the finest search engine; it also facilitates perception files in the other search engines. For the sake of it, the torrent website became an impressive and helpful search engine. There are tons of files in the search engine. You can find any file from here.

Torrent websites are composed of tons of files. There are numerous Torrent websites with loads of content available. Every website is distinctive with its features. Some are popular for their uniqueness, simple interface, number of visitors, quality, and fastness. Some are not that much popular, maybe not known by many visitors. Each one of the torrent websites has provided facilities out of their best.

Torrentz2 was closed in 2016, but it’s replicas appeared as soon as it was blocked in some countries; in some other countries, it is accessible. As they are blocked due to piracy and regulations, torrentz2 proxy help access torrent sites in the regions where law enforcement agencies do not block these ISPs.

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Here Are The Reasons Torrentz2 Proxy Is Used?

Many proxies are at hand to acquire the torrentz2 search engine. Deluge web crawlers are present, which helps you perceive the content you wish for. Following the termination of the main website, the exceptionally eminent website is not used frequently.

By turning down this disappointment or dismay, Torrentz2.eu evolved as a responsive website with an identical database through which it can also find out the contents in the other web crawlers. You can find every kind of document here on this site. The prodigy that happened to access the site are proxies which are also used for unblocking.

As they have rapid transfer speed, this is why they opted to download torrentz2 proxy. Some people may opt to utilize popular and reliable torrent hosting sites like rutracker.net or magneticlink.com. They provide quick downloading, sharing the content of files, and less waiting time for downloads.

Below Is The List Of Working Torrentz2 Proxy Websites

Torrentz2 proxy 1https://sitenable.co/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 2https://sitenable.top/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 3https://sitenable.ch/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 4https://siteget.net/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 5https://freeproxy.io/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 6https://sitenable.pw/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 7https://sitenable.info/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 8https://freeanimesonline.com/torrentz2-proxy
Torrentz2 proxy 9https://filesdownloader.com/torrentz2-proxy

How To Download Content From Torrentz2 Proxy Websites

The first step is to enter your username and password. You have to opt for the required file, and instructions obtained on the screen are followed. It is easy to access the content provided.

After selecting the file, you will see the download that is running and shown on the device’s screen. These kinds of websites don’t possess their particular interface and make it mandatory to Infuse our details.

The new account is created with the username and password before using torrentz2 website proxies and sharing files. Once you create an account, you can start downloading files, etc. They provide rapid speed in transferring, sharing, downloading files that are simple to do and are appropriate.

Most of the sites are safe to use, and few users are troubled with security issues. Most people are secured by using torrent software free of cost and provides security as these sites don’t require more space to work. Little workspace is enough and is secured, safe.

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The main torrentz2 proxy website is.

  • Torrentz2.eu
  • Torrentz.unblocked.pub


Torrentz2.eu website is a popular web proxy of the torrent site. There are many other sources to access the main website, even though there are plenty of web proxies and sites to access files, documents, films, etc.

They may be detectable easily. After the closure of the significant website, the replicas took birth and had an indistinguishable, similar interface. Torrentz2.eu proxy access web crawler as well. There are many sources to get to these proxy websites.

  • torrentz.com
  • torrentz.eu proxy
  • torrent.unblocked.lol
  • torrentz2.cc
  • www.torrentsmirror.com


Torrentz.unblocked.pub is one of the most famous and fastest web proxy sites in terms of performance for the torrentz2 website. Allows you to do work swiftly. There are many ways to access the web proxy, and there are many web crawlers that help you find movies and games. Whichever you need, they can find and access the other crawler report also. They can connect to other web files.

Proxies of torrentz.unblocked.pub

  • torrentz.com
  • torrentz2.eu
  • torrent.unblocked.lol
  • torrentz2.cc
  • www.torrentsmirror.com

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How To Unblock Torrentz2 Website Using A VPN Service

Try using proxies for accessing the main website. Some proxies are prone to blocking by firewalls. They can easily recognize them and block their ISPs. Then go for another option that is VPNs. While using these VPNs, the traffic may be regulated to the route of their IP address that may be difficult for the modern firewalls to trace and control the data consumption.

The firewall cannot see any Torrent connection even though it is connected. They can see the data or traffic flowing in and out. VPNs bypass limitations on ISP’s. To provide access to other sites that are not available on your network, VPNs change your IP address. It also encrypts data while flowing through the website.

Below are the best VPN services that will unblock the Torrentz2 Proxy website.

  • https://www.tunnelbear.com
  • https://www.surfshark.com
  • https://www.ipvanish.com
  • https://www.vyprvpn.com
  • https://www.hotspotshield.com
  • https://www.windscribe.com
  • https://www.privatevpn.com
  • https://www.cyberghost.com/en.us
  • https://www.ultravpn.com

Best Alternatives To Torrentz2 Proxy

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was started in 2003 in Sweden. The database of this website is the most popular one. In a short period, it became most famous because of its users daily. The Pirate Bay renews itself every day.

Proxies of Pirate bay.

  • https://piratebay.live
  • https://www.pirateproxy.space
  • https://tpb.party
  • https://thepiratebay.zone
  • https://piratebayblocked.com

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The name 13377x means an “elite “. Hacker communities give this name. 13377x is continued by most of the torrent fans. It is well known for the quality of the content it provides and its fast downloading capacity. There is a ranking facility that the 13377x site furnishes for the users, which is the significant inclusion of the site. Users can give points on the quality, availability of content through their accounts. So that for others it is much helpful to access the good files.

Proxies of 13377x are given below.

  • https://1377x.to
  • https://x1377x.ws
  • https://sitenable.co/1377x-proxy
  • https://sitenable.pw/1377x-proxy
  • https://sitenable.info/1377x-proxy
  • https://filesdownloader.com/1337x-proxy
  • https://1377x.st
  • https://freeproxy.io/1337x-proxy
  • https://siteget.net/1337x-proxy
  • https://1337x.buzz
  • 1377x


EZTV is one of the old sites. This site provides community discussions. For downloading contents fast, it has a lot of seeders in the tracker.

Proxies of EZTV

  • https://eztv1.unblocked.wtf
  • https://eztv1.unblocked.ms

Seven Torrent

Seven Torrent has a vast database. If you want to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies of high HD quality, you can get them after their immediate release from the website.


Even though the Demonoid name is not that popular, it is a popular website with a great database. It contains a conference of discussion related to file-sharing and an index with a search option. It consists of content that is divided into categories and subcategories. The main domain is also banned like other websites.

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Let’s Conclude Torrentz2 proxy

There is a ban on these torrent sites in many countries as they are extensively providing, transferring, and sharing the copyrighted content. Many are accessing them, which is not lawful and leads to piracy issues, loss of personal information, virus attacks on devices they are using. So this website doesn’t encourage piracy and accessing illegal contents.

If you are still alluded to watch or download movies from the Torrentz2 proxy website, opt for a good VPN service mentioned in the article. Without this, your valuable data and devices are always at risk.


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