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IPTorrents Unblocked | Know The List Of IPTorrents Proxy & Mirror Sites [100% Working In 2024]

The site IPtorrents are invite-only, meaning anyone has to invite you to the website to turn in as a member of that website. So that you can sign into it. On the other hand, to register on the site, you need to get a membership of IPtorrents. IPtorrents are the Torrent site with accessible private trackers and are the quickest site.

It is the site, in which file download capacity is 10 times rapid than many other sites. Most of the users using this site are a practical approach for downloading premium torrent files. IPtorrents are regularly updated by providing the newest TV shows, movies, games etc. They also provide verified Torrents to its users, who have been using them for many years.

This site is available all around the clock. Anyone can access this site and access data from this stand reliably, as it has been there for many years. It became well known because of its accessibility. It has strong filters and has a solid amount of content, with very quick download rates. It has a Credit System. If a user earns or gains more credits, the user gets upload bandwidth with these credits.

Because of the ban on these sites by many countries, it may not be accessible everywhere. However, they can be retrieved through its proxies or mirror sites. Its rank is 40th out of download sites of this type.

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IPTorrents Proxy & Mirrors Sites [100% Working In 2024]

Where IPtorrents Official site is blocked, these proxies are provided to access this site in many countries. These proxies have identical designs and files. Many users accessing these sites are dealing with the problem like login issues.

Whereas, a few, whoever wants to enter into the site, should get an invite. However, accessing the home page is getting worse through any browser. Using the proxy sites is the initial method to unblock the main website.

The proxy sites are scant and replica sites of the main website and provide an outright index, files and databases. Yet, with no distinct domains. These proxies also work quickly and help you download premium software, countless torrent files of your preference.

Throughout the world, millions of users are using this to unblock their best-loved website. For unlocking, it requires a fully working proxy site. You can access the links provided below.

  • https://iptorrents.eu
  • http://ipt.af/t
  • https://ipt.rock
  • http://iptorrents.goblockt.com
  • iptorrents proxy UK
  • Iptorrent unblock proxy
  • https://nemo.iptorrents.com
  • https://iptorrents.us
  • http://iptorrents.me
  • unblock.club
  • iptorrent.com
  • nemo.iptorrent.com
  • ninjaweb.xyz
  • iptorrent.eu
  • unblocksites.co
  • US Proxy
  • iptorrent.ru/t
  • ipt-update.com/t
  • ipt.read-books.org
  • http://www.hidewebsite.com/view/iptorrents.com
  • http://www.hidebux.com/proxy/iptorrents
  • http://www.unblockaccess.com/iptorrents/unblock
  • http://s-s.iptorrents.com.prx.proxywebsite.co.uk/login.php
  • http://s-s.iptorrents.com.prx2.unblocksites.co/login.php
  • http://iptorrents.com.prx.proxywebsite.co.uk/
  • http://iptorrents.immunicity.win
  • http://www.myipbanned.com/service/index.php?q=iptorrents.com

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IPTorrents ProxyOnlineNormal
Unblock IPTorrentsOnlineFast
IPTorrents Unblock ProxyOnlineNormal
IPTorrents UnblockedOnlineNormal
IPTorrents Mirror SiteOnlineVery Fast
IPTorrents Mirror ProxyOnlineNormal
IPTorrents AlternativeOnlineSlow
Access IPTorrentsOnlineFast
Unblock IPTorrents ProxyOnlineSlow

How To Unblock IPTorrents Using VPN

Even though they unblock websites, they don’t provide privacy and data protection. So using VPN is another best option. One of the disadvantages of proxy sites is their shortage of uploading; they also have fast downloading speed.

Unblock IPTorrents Using VPN

The modern firewalls may quickly figure out proxies. Using a VPN helps you to hide IP addresses. VPN is a (virtual private network) that directs all the traffic on the internet through a virtual IP address to conceal your identity. You can either use proxies or VPNs to unblock the main website.

Everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Although VPN services influence speeds, they are costly, and they may also affect the streaming experience because of a shortage of servers.

Some of the best VPN is provided below.

  • Nord VPN
  • Torguard VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Surf shark VPN
  • OpenVPN (https://openvpn.net/)
  • TunnelBear (https://www.tunnelbear.com/)
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN (https://www.hotspotshield.com/)
  • VPNBook (https://www.vpnbook.com/)
  • CyberGhost VPN (https://bestvpncanada.com/go/cyberghost)

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Best Alternatives To IPtorrents Website

Bit Me

This tracker is an e-learning tracker that consists of e-learning training, instructional videos, instructional ebooks or audiobooks,e – novels, documentaries like TBS, BBC and Discovery, college lectures or courses, design plugins, web design templates, stock of photos or images or fonts, Multimedia Production or models.

Pass The Popcorn

It consists of all genre movies only. It is also one of the most opted alternatives to IPtorrents. Anyone can obtain superior quality mainstream movies, classic films, popular International releases. It has 35000 users accessing this website worldwide and has over 380000 torrents globally, and has become one of the wide private websites.


Redacted has more than 1 million torrent sites and has 27000 users visiting the website. One of the most significant trackers sites with active and private music trackers. This site consists of albums, individual songs and complete Discographies. This site is new, and you can find all genres of music. Therefore, if anybody sends you an invitation, as it is an invite-only site, you will access all songs.


The number of users using this Bibliotik Torrent site are 7000, and they are exceptionally operative. And the number of torrents on this site is 300000. This is also a private Torrent site, notably for ebooks. It has a different genre of a significant assemblage of mainstream, classic and niche books.

Anime Bytes

Anime Bytes has 141000 torrent sites and has 16000 users, using the website all over the world. It has numerous series where public torrent sites don’t consist of.

TV Torrents.com

The number of users using is 50000 with a well-built group of users, and the number of torrent sites in which this private tracker consists is 162000. TV torrentes.com site has shows arranged or sorted by their names, by their category and current TV shows. By running shows for easy viewing.


What.CD site has not revived itself from the past many years after being started. It consists of premium content and is also a private tracker mainly for music. You need to join PTP because of its front page, as it is odd. Yet, everything regarding this website paved the way for this website to be eminent.

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IPTorrents is a private website with a vast database and its brisk download capacity. Even though it is blocked, it can be accessed through proxies and VPNs. We intend our visitors’ safety and solidarity; we suggest using legal OTT platforms for watching or downloading movies. If you are still alluded to watch or download movies from the IPTorrent website, opt for a good VPN service mentioned in the article. Without this, your valuable data and devices are always at risk.


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