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Web Hosting: Entry-Level Tariffs – Perfect For A Small Website And Working With CMS

Websites should be accessible but do not have too many visitors. You are not looking for high-performance cloud hosting or dedicated managed servers. What you need are manageable, entry-level tariffs. These can also be found in the Mittwald product range. In this article, the products will be presented in more detail.

Web Hosting At Mittwald: What Is That?

The hosting world is new territory for you, and you want to get a taste of it or slowly get used to it? Then you can’t go wrong with a hosting web package. With a price starting at EUR 4.99 net per month, it is attractively priced and a good entry-level option in terms of performance.

But first to the general: Behind the term, web hosting is a product that creates a technical basis so that other people can access a website.

Web hosting provides customers with everything they need to start a blog or small website. 50 GB SSD storage, several databases and weekly backups, as well as an inclusive domain, are included in the most negligible tariff.

With the web hosting entry-level tariff, you also get services found in more robust products. The website is located in Mittwald’s data centre in Germany with a beginner’s taxation.

Customers benefit from 24-hour support and some handy tools in the customer centre. These include helpers for working with a content management system.

CMS Helpers Are Already Available In The Entry-Level Tariff

A hosting web package is a basis for your website, but more, for example, the content management system. With the web hosting tariff at Mittwald, customers also receive the software installer.

This allows the most popular CMS to be installed at the push of a button, for example, WordPress, Joomla!, TYPO3 and a few more such as Neos or Contao.

You will appreciate an extra as a website operator: The entry-level tariffs include automatic software updates. In this way, critical security gaps can be remedied without any active intervention.

Is A Web Hosting Entry-Level Tariff Enough For Me?

A good question. It is difficult to assess whether a web hosting tariff is sufficient and when more powerful taxes should be used. In general, a CMS like WordPress or Joomla! Uses less power than a shop system such as Shopware or an application like TYPO3.

A second factor can be found in the number of visitors. The more visitors are on the website simultaneously, the stronger the technology behind it must be. This is the only way that the requested information can be processed quickly.

The question can be clarified more precisely by consultation with Mittwald (via live chat or telephone). In addition, it makes sense to start a page with a web hosting tariff, and if you notice high loading times, switch to a more substantial tariff.

Conclusion: Web Hosting Tariffs As The Perfect Companion For The Start

Due to their manageable price and the wide range of functions, Mittwald’s web hosting tariffs are ideal for making a website fundamentally available for the time being. In some cases, the entry-level taxes should be sufficient. In others, a later upgrade to a more powerful tariff, for example, a Managed server, is recommended.

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