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How To Choose A Quality Hosting Without Dying In The Attempt

As we already anticipated in the title of this article, what we are going to try is that, once you have finished reading it, you will be able to make a correct decision. Because, whether we like it or not, hosting is important. So important is the load time, and the security, of your website depends on it. Two aspects that Google is valuing a lot lately.

So we recommend that you get comfortable. Take out paper and a pen if necessary. That you absorb well everything that we are going to tell you and that, if necessary, leave us a comment with your doubts. We will be happy to answer them since we know that it is not a simple topic. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a hosting?

In order not to complicate your existence much, we have to say that a hosting is nothing more than a computer. Plain and simple. How did you stay We suppose a little puzzled.

Well, by expanding this concept a little more, we have to say that this computer is the one that will allow you to create your website, your personal blog or your online store. This is possible because on this computer you will be able to store everything your project needs.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Databases
  • Another resources

Only with these notions can you imagine how important it is. As we will see later, with much more detail, the quality of this computer will depend on your success. Well not everything. But a part of it is. Therefore, from now on, we recommend that you take your decision seriously. Much more if your project is important to you.

How to choose a good hosting, suitable for you?

The eternal question. The question that everyone asks. And it is normal. We all want to know how we can hit the key. We all want to know what must be taken into account so that the hosting we choose is up to expectations.

Well, to make your task a little easier, we have compiled those aspects that we believe are fundamental.

Disc types

Before hiring a hosting, or a hosting service, which is the same, we have to know what discs we are going to have. Disks that are nothing other than hard disks. We must know if its performance is what we need. After all, we depend on that performance. We know that it still sounds weird that you depend on a computer but it is.

  • SATA drives: These hard drives are the successors of IDE drives. They are discs that have a very economic price and for them many hostings use them. In addition, they have a large capacity, which allows hosting companies to save a good amount of money. It is not a bad starting point, much less for someone who is just starting out. Time will have to request higher requirements. Of course, if from the first day you want to have the best, this is not a viable alternative. Speed is not up to the best and can be a problem.
  • SAS disks: SAS disks are an evolution of SCSI disks. As the main variant with their predecessors they have the ease of connection with the controllers. The problem is that they have not gained in performance. This means that if you come across a hosting service with this type of hard drives, unless your project is something very specific, it is better to consider other alternatives.
  • SSD drives: These are devices that are based on flash memory. They are hard drives made entirely with electronic technology with all that this implies. It does not have moving mechanical parts as it could be the previous cases. Large capacity, it must be said that SSD drives, lacking friction, reach really high speeds. Both writing and reading are carried out in very short periods of time. If what you want is to have the best, SSD disks with the best option.

These types of disks lead us to think that the best alternative in terms of value for money could be the SATA. Of course, with the passage of time we will be able to see how SSD disks are going to gain ground and will become preferred by all.

Loading speed

When we talk about the loading speed of a website, we are talking, without a doubt, about one of the most important aspects of it. Not surprisingly, it is the loading speed that will allow the user to see the pages in the shortest possible time.

This will provide this user with a great experience. If we load the page you want to visit faster, we will almost certainly earn your trust. And of course, this trust, in turn, can translate into a sale. Although it may seem the opposite, every day fewer people navigate those who have a lot of time for it.

But not only to keep users happy is the loading speed important. It has been shown to be vital in winning Google’s favor. How is this? What the great search engine wants is for the user to use the internet. To do this, it intends that we give you a good service. And what better way to offer it quickly.

Consequently, it does not hesitate for a single moment to position ourselves a little higher than the competition. Do you still have doubts about how important this factor is? Imagine that only by optimizing the loading speed of your website you will be able to upload some accounts positions in the SERPs. This is great news!

If you want to see it differently, we can tell you so. All the money you invest in quality hosting, you can do to create links. It’s that simple. As simple as that. Now you only have to worry about those links that make the difference to worry about aspects like this.

But of course, the question is the following. At the time of hiring a hosting will you tell me the loading speed of it? Unfortunately the answer will be a resounding no. However, there are some details that will put us on the track. And those details are what we are going to list below.

RAM. If you have a computer in your house, which we know you have, there is no doubt that RAM is essential for speed. Therefore, the hosting that you are going to opt for must have a memory of this type more than decent. Only in this way you will ensure a good loading speed.

Hard disk technology. As we have seen just a few moments ago, hard drives are not very important. Do not hesitate to consult what we have just told you. The technology with which they are manufactured can give you those thousandths of a second that are vital for optimal performance in every way.

Yes, we already know. Typically, another equally important question arises. How do I know the loading speed of my website? Or what is worse. How can I know if that loading speed is optimal? And can I compare it with other websites in my sector? Don’t worry, the answer is a resounding yes.

  • Page Speed: This is nothing more than a plugin that is available for your web browser and that not only measures the performance of your site but also gives you some guidelines to improve it.
  • Webmaster Tools: This is one of those tools that you can not stop using under any circumstances. Thanks to the graph it offers you will be able to know the current loading time of your website.

Now you know. Measure the loading speed of your website with all these resources, you can find more through the network of networks, and choose a hosting that allows you to have it as optimized as possible. That money will not be an expense but it will be an investment.

Server performance

In this article we are making it quite clear that the server can be considered as the heart of our project. This means that we have to take its performance into account, but what factors are decisively involved in its performance?

On the one hand we are going to talk about what is known as quantitative factors, that is, those factors that describe the performance of a hosting.

  • Storage space: We have already said that both the space on the hard disk that we can have as well as its technology are very important to know if the hosting service that we have purchased is worth it or not.
  • Bandwidth: This is the amount of traffic that allows us to generate in a month. Although it may sound strange, not all hosting allows you to generate an unlimited amount of data, so if we have a website that generates a lot of traffic, we will have to invest a good amount of money in a hosting that does not leave us “thrown away”.
  • Databases: The number of databases that allows us to generate a hosting is very important. It goes without saying that the more databases we can generate, the more comfortable the management of our website will be.
  • FTP accounts: This parameter will determine the number of users who will have access to the files on our website using an ftp protocol.
  • E-mail accounts: The number of email accounts is very important. Keep in mind that many customers ask for many accounts, including one for each of the members of your project. Thanks to a good accommodation service we will be able to serve all these people.

Technical factors are also very important and from our point of view the following must be taken      into account.

  • Processors power: This is normal. The more power the processors that make up the hosting that we have opted for have the better performance we will have on our website.
  • Amount of RAM: We have already mentioned in this article that the amount of RAM is very important. It is a fact that you have to ask and that you have to inform yourself about, without a doubt.
  • Bandwidth: It is the speed at which the connection works. This factor is very important, especially if you have content to download. And it is that if you are going to allow files to be downloaded on your website, you must have good bandwidth to facilitate the task for users.
  • Number of websites to host: It may be that you not only have a single project to host. Thanks to quality hosting services you will be able to host several web pages. In this way you will not have to invest money in each of the projects you have but you will be able to host several projects in the same hosting.

Technical service

To finish the review of the factors that determine the performance of a hosting, we have to talk about human factors.

Provider’s language and country. This is very important since you may not understand the language your hosting is in. This will do nothing more than make it difficult to understand everything that has to do with the interface and make its use somewhat more complicated.

Response time. We are not referring to the response time of the hosting itself but to the response time of the people who serve you. And is that if you have a problem with the hosting service and open an incident, it is best that they do not take long to assist you. Not only because in this way you will not waste time but because users will not be without service for long.

Quality of response. Response quality is not something we have to take lightly. The hosting service you have hired has to have a team of people who answer exactly what you have asked. They also have to be concise and decisive answers as possible.

Support type. Not all supports are the same. You can have a support through email, through an interactive chat room, through a ticket system or even through the phone. You have to know which system is best for you and with which you feel most comfortable.

The best hosting for WordPress

WordPress is, without a doubt, one of the most used CMS currently. So it is not surprising that there are so many hosting services focused on it.


This is a WordPress hosting that has up to 3 plans to choose from according to the needs that we may have.

  • We can host from 1 to several websites within the same hosting.
  • The web space they offer us ranges from 10 Gb to 30 GB.
  • The bandwidth offered by the plans for this service ranges from 10,000 visits per month to 100,000 visits per month.


In this case we come across a service widely used by many webmasters and which has been widely recommended on the internet.

  • We can host from 1 to several websites within the same hosting.
  • As for RAM memory, it has from 1Gb to 4 GB.
  • The bandwidth offered by the plans for this service ranges from 60 Gb to 240 GB.


We are talking about a fairly competitive WordPress hosting that can be a good option to start.

  • We can host from 1 to 30 websites within the same hosting.
  • It has a memory that ranges from 5 GB to 30 GB.
  • As for RAM, all plans are 1Gb.


Do you still think that investing in quality hosting is superfluous? Hopefully the answer is a resounding no. In fact, from our own experience, we think that hosting should be one of the pillars of your online project. For all these reasons, we are going to give you our opinion on this.

Measure, measure and measure. The first thing you have to do is measure the response of your current hosting. Only in this way, and comparing it with the performance of your competition, you will know where you are at the moment.

Spend time comparing. Now that you know everything you have to improve, it’s time to go out into cyberspace. We know that there are many alternatives. Hence the importance that you invest a little time to see which is the most convenient for you.

Invest the money. Once you have two or three hosting services in mind, it’s time to determine which one you can afford. We are not going to tell you to always get the most expensive but we do get the most expensive you can afford. The future of your project may depend on it.

Oh, and if you have doubts you know. Do not stay with them and leave them in the comments section. We will be happy to answer them. We know that it is not always easy to process all this information.

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