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Nine Tricks To Accelerate Digital Business

Managers need to consciously rethink how work is done to better adapt to today’s work culture.

The acceleration of digitization requires a change in work habits, and the fact is that people don’t change their practices overnight. Acceleration is not just a technical problem. It takes a conscious effort to rethink how work is done, processes carried out, and decisions made, allowing for a more agile and better adaptation to the emerging work culture.

“Accelerating digital business means working differently and faster, but people don’t change their work habits on orders, just as they don’t change their eating habits on orders. “Managers have to shape the change for the employees by setting new values ​​or reinforcing existing values ​​and then linking the expected behaviors with them. Only the specification of the values ​​is too vague. ”

Faster Decision Making

The key to accelerating product delivery, governance, and other processes is enabling faster decision-making within the organization. There are various reasons why decisions often take too much time: avoidance of responsibility and risks, unclear goals, undefined projected results or a lack of information.

The speed of a decision should be determined by the rate with which it can be reversed. The less critical a decision is, the less time it should take to make it. Conversely, if the decision is more important, the longer it should take to make it.

No Is Not Allowed

Executives can’t just say, “This is not going to work.” Instead, they should ask, “How would that work given the XYZ regulations?” Make sure you turn the negative into a request for more information, especially for new or not yet tested ideas.

Permit Limit

Only one person is required to approve decisions that are under X USD. Be clear about who this is and when she has authority to support the decision.

Go For Resistance First

Find the person who is most likely to contradict your decision and ask them to tell you everything wrong with the decision. Discuss the concerns early on for faster decision-making.

Simplify Work

Processes can make decisions more difficult if they are unnecessarily complex. The truth is that the complexity of a work routine is not necessarily directly proportional to its actual value.

More often than you think, more accessible is better – but achieving that simplicity requires managerial vigilance.

It means determining the fastest way to get the job done. By starting with the most straightforward approach possible, one can get a team from point A to point B faster. This is in contrast to beginning with the most comprehensive approach. Complex does not always – or even rarely – mean good.

Limit Time

Allow 24 hours to produce an initial draft or prototype.

One Hour Of Reverse Mentoring

Assign leaders to junior staff for an hour and let the junior team show them what can be done to make work easier.

Learn With Memes

Let your employees get creative. Give an award for the top three memes on making work more accessible.

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks

Too often, the value of work is measured in terms of output rather than the actual result. Focusing on production is just one way to make people look busy, and busy doesn’t necessarily mean productive. Of course, what matters is the bottom line.

To make a business more agile, shift the focus to actual business results rather than how achieving it is carried out.

Red Light, Green Light

Similar to how children play traffic police, you as a team discuss: “Where should we give red light (stop), green light (start) and yellow light (continuation)?”

Eliminate Ideas Without A Sponsor

Check the commitment of executives to see whether they want to fund your initiative with money. If it doesn’t, stop working on it immediately.

Have A Weekly “Rule-Breaking” Meeting

This is where the team can challenge policies, break old practices, empower people, budget for new ideas, etc. The idea here is to stop toxic cultural behaviours like negativity and cynicism.

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