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How Do I Protect My Company From Cyber-Attacks?

A thoughtless click on a link in a phishing email is sometimes enough to damage a company’s entire IT infrastructure or lose important data. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, are a lucrative target for cybercriminals. But companies can protect themselves from this: with mature technology and well-trained employees from G DATA.

The struggle between companies and hackers often seems like David versus Goliath because highly professional cybercriminals are now using the latest technologies to camouflage their attacks and make them look credible cleverly.

With the help of so-called packers, they change the appearance of their malware at ever shorter intervals, making it a significant challenge for IT security solutions to track them down. The hackers encrypt company data with appropriate ransomware and blackmail the attacked companies.

Another Possible Reason: When digitising their work processes, companies often do not consider their own IT security requirements. It is essential to carry out a systematic analysis of any weak points at an early stage and, for example, to identify outdated certificates from web servers.

Companies can take advantage of a cyber defence status check and protect their IT infrastructure even with a small budget with partially automated solutions.

But these are not the only measures that help to improve protection. Which strategy should companies implement to no longer represent an open gateway for cybercriminals?

Our Employees Are Part Of The IT Security

There is no universally binding solution for this. Because the perfect security strategy for your team depends on many different factors, companies should instead ask themselves: Where are our weak points? What is our sensitive data, and where is it located?

These questions must be answered to then be able to derive concrete measures. But there are two success factors: professional and modern technology and well-trained employees.

Because according to the think tank ESI Thought Lab, 87 percent of the companies surveyed consider their untrained employees the most significant weak point. This is why companies should start here and involve their employees in the IT security concept. It is essential to provide them with the necessary knowledge to recognize attack patterns in good time and thus protect the entire company.

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G DATA: Awareness Raising And Needs-Based Training

To bring employees to the appropriate level of knowledge, a comprehensive range of training courses is necessary. In addition to current attack methods, companies should also watch the current legal situation and the changed framework conditions caused by cloud services.

With its Cyber ​​Defence Academy, G DATA offers a new e-learning portfolio with security awareness training for precisely this purpose. The training courses include more than 35 courses on various IT security topics, such as phishing or social engineering.

In short e-learning sessions, employees experience practical learning methods – tailored to their needs. Learning status checks are used to repeat and consolidate what has been learned. All learning units are available to participants online in multiple languages.

Which Courses Suit Employees?

In the courses, the level of knowledge of the colleagues is first checked. This clarifies where there is a need and which knowledge gaps should be closed by the appropriate training.

The security awareness training courses focus on everyday practice. The decisive factor is that the content can be easily integrated into everyday work. This is the only way to ensure optimal learning success in the long term.

To protect yourself optimally against attacks by cybercriminals, it is now essential to involve employees in the security concept.

A comprehensive security strategy that considers all areas of the company is the prerequisite for a high level of security. And our attentive employees play a crucial role in this.

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