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Discover Seven Advantages Of Corporate Email In The Cloud!

Even with the emergence of other communication tools, such as social networks and online chats, email remains the main tool for business, mainly because of its credibility, scope, and security provided to its users.

If traditional email already has several qualities for personal use, corporate email in the cloud goes further, making the work tool more efficient and with a new range of advantages.

Want to know more? Check from now on what corporate email in the cloud is and why you should implement it in your business!

What Is Corporate Email In The Cloud?

Corporate email in the cloud is a new line of cloud products aimed at simplifying and streamlining business processes. It is transferred from local servers to cloud hosting, with dedicated servers, transferring responsibility for the structure to a specialized provider. This email format allows the creation of completely exclusive environments and a high level of customization of spaces, tools, and layouts.

How Does A Corporate Email In The Cloud Work?

In a corporate email in the cloud, the provider has complete control over the control and design settings, working in partnership with the contractor to customize the environments according to his needs. The objective is to add value to the business and generate mutual satisfaction.

Users can only gain limited access to emails during business hours in a monitored and better-controlled environment. In addition, corporate email in the cloud offers integration with other cloud services within the same platform.

And it all starts with hiring a plan, which can be tailored according to the company’s needs. From this, the provider studies the business demand and plans a structure that meets the requirements. Sometimes, the structure is standardized, undergoing only a few adjustments. But this is different for a provider that partners with its customers.

What Are The Advantages Of Corporate Email In The Cloud?

Now that you know what corporate email in the cloud is and how it works, learn about the main advantages of the tool for business:


Dedicated servers allow for the formation of a scalable structure for email. This means that the company can hire 50 mailboxes with 10 GB of space each, for example, and have an exclusive server with a capacity of 1 TB of available space. If the demand for mailboxes or individual spaces increases, it will be quickly and automatically resolved.


As we said, the environments have a high degree of flexibility. This includes parameter settings for security, inclusion, customization, removal of tools, visual graphs, resource allocation, capacity and performance control, etc. All these functionalities are not found in traditional emails, as they are standardized and more limited.


Cloud computing resource providers have redundant data center structures to avoid interrupting service delivery when main servers stop working. Therefore, this guarantees solution availability almost 100% of the time. This is a very important advantage to add continuity to the business and not have productivity affected.


One of the main advantages of corporate email in the cloud is mobility. You need a device with an internet connection to access the account and carry out your work remotely. Traditional emails even allow remote access through mobile devices, but everything happens through the internet browser, which could be more secure and efficient.


Corporate email providers in the cloud form a structure with current tools; therefore, the environment becomes a natural facilitator of daily work processes. Intuitiveness, combined with automation technologies, influence the completion of tasks with greater precision and speed within the platform. Calendar, agenda, and shared folders are some of the available tools.

Low Cost

In a traditional email, you only have the option of contracting plans with specific packages, with no possibility of changes. You’ll have to pay for the full package if you want an additional feature on the highest plan.

That doesn’t happen with corporate email in the cloud. You can form your plan and pay only for what you use, eliminating unnecessary resource costs. In addition, plans can be changed as the company’s needs change.


Generally, traditional email is acquired as an additional service of a hosting plan, being an environment fully shared with other users. In this way, the company is subject to a series of problems. For example, any sanctions imposed on other users, such as IP blocking or server reputation damage, affect everyone retroactively. In addition, it does not have SSL certification.

On the other hand, corporate email in the cloud is covered by a series of security certifications, both in the data center and the physical infrastructure. Therefore, it is more secure.

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