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Content Marketing And Seo: The Story Of Content Is King

Write for people, not search engines. But I’ll tell you more: writing for search engines means, today more than ever, writing for people. This is not a pun, but the golden rule for a truly effective SEO-friendly content marketing strategy. At the center of our communications, there must always be our target users, and their full attention must be our goal. But this is a challenge we can only overcome by creating texts with high added value, with emotional and relational tones capable of creating real involvement.

Content Marketing And SEO: Content Is King

Right from the start, making an affirmation that for some may be controversial: people are not saturated with content and are not simply looking for new innovative means of communication. People value their time more and more, and for this, they want, indeed they demand, quality, interesting, informative, enthralling content. Of course, it’s right for a company to start overseeing the new social network and platforms as soon as possible and chasing last-minute communication trends. But without authentic and exciting content, no medium is sufficient except for a fleeting and forgettable moment. Therefore, it is important to develop ad hoc texts for each specific point of our communication, following the different logic governing them.

An activity that requires in-depth knowledge of the medium we have chosen to convey our content and an ability that is by no means obvious to move easily through communication strategies that are also profoundly different from each other. When we develop texts intended for the web, which will be intercepted and positioned on search engines, it is essential to start from an upstream study of our users’ real intentions. What are they looking for? What are their needs? What are the urgencies that move them? And the curiosities? But that’s only some: even to answer questions that people have yet to ask themselves, we must go through the searches they carry out if we want to exist on Google.

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Write For The Public, Not For Yourself

When we talk about content SEO, we don’t mean the simple search of primary and secondary keywords or the careful use of heading tags that give search engines the hierarchy of content. There are undoubtedly essential parameters for a text written from an SEO perspective, but our analysis must go much further. Always, but today more than ever, Google uses a fundamental parameter in the “choice” of content to position at the top of the SERP: maximum user satisfaction, who must be able to find a rich and interesting answer to their question almost immediately. I repeat people are open to content.

They simply need to read the same content over and over again. No in-depth analysis, added value, nothing that arouses curiosity, just a hundred texts. How can this work? We must learn to listen to those who read us and tell who we are and what we do by examining in depth what are the distinctive elements that make us unique in our market area. Therefore, we need technique and creativity without sacrificing either because it’s as important to be found as keeping people glued to our text if we want to make our content marketing strategy work.

Let Yourself Be Found, But Then Let Yourself Be Loved

How is it found on the web? It all starts with an analysis of research intentions. Does the content we want to develop need to be informative, or does it have an immediate commercial goal? What type of users do we want to intercept? And what actions should they take once they land on the site? Starting from these answers, it is possible to search for the target keywords and identify all the related keywords that allow us to enrich the text. It is also important to study a perfect hierarchy of contents to make reading easier for users and give precise indications to the search engine.

Even meta tags, such as title and description, have a fundamental strategic value: they are the title and description displayed on Google searches, important both for positioning (title) and for giving the user an immediate understanding of what we will talk about. Here we must be clear, immediate and captivating but not exhaustive: we want to get people to click to learn more. Overall, it is a series of elaborate techniques requiring sensitivity and experience, essential for understanding the real needs of users. It would help if you had creativity and attention to language to make them passionate. Because few things disappoint us, like when, after doing a Google search, we end up on content that doesn’t meet our needs, doesn’t involve us and doesn’t make us want to delve deeper.

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