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10 Alternatives To Google Analytics

Any online marketer knows that analytics are essential to understanding why your visitors behave the way they do. If you don’t closely monitor how users interact with your website, you won’t know how to improve it.

While Google Analytics is a fantastic free tool for measuring your website traffic, users should think carefully before using it. The recent development of various analytics tools has caused a significant shift in Google Analytics users to alternatives.

Why should you use an alternative to Google Analytics?

Despite its popularity, Google Analytics customers have some reservations about the program. Users are increasingly exploring alternatives to Google Analytics due to privacy concerns, lack of precision, and transparency.

Confidentiality concerns: The data collected by Google Analytics does not belong to the websites that use it; it belongs to Google. What is collected and where information is stored is under the control of Google. As a user, you rely on Google to behave responsibly with your data, as it is a closed source platform that, unlike an open-source alternative, does not allow you to review the source code. With organizations concerned about compliance and data governance, data ownership is more important than ever.

It may be risky to outsource the processing of your data to third-party providers. Because your data is a precious asset, you should take control of your data (and that of your customers) and your infrastructure in the future. Websites that use Google Analytics should display cookie banners and consent notifications to visitors when they first access the website to comply with growing concerns about tracking users’ personal information.

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You will not collect a user’s data if they do not give you their permission. This is called “cookie consent” in the industry. Websites that use Google Analytics should display cookie banners and consent notifications to visitors when they first access the website to comply with growing concerns about tracking users’ personal information. You will not be able to collect a usf they do not give you their permission.

This is called “cookie consent” in the industry. Websites that use Google Analytics should display cookie banners and consent notifications to visitors when they first access the website to comply with concerns about tracking users’ personal information. You will not collect a user’s data if they do not give you their permission. This is called “cookie consent” in the industry.

Data sometimes incomplete: The majority of Google Analytics customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the software’s lack of reliable data. Google Analytics is designed to show you data patterns and relies on data sampling, which in most cases negatively influences the integrity of your data. Making judgments based on biased facts leads to wrong conclusions and, in some ways, is worse than guessing. When data is used to make costly business decisions that directly impact your bottom line, businesses have a significant problem.

Lack of transparency: Transparency is the golden rule rather than a nice feature under data protection regulations such as GDPR. A consumer may wish to delve deeper into data when uses Google Analytics, but in reality, it cannot. It is not possible to see where the data is coming from or to break it down for later use while it is there.

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Woopra is a handy software designed to help users analyze their data more efficiently. With this tool, users can track product and sales information in real-time. Woopra provides analysis on current trends and customer retention. The application also offers the possibility for users to connect directly with other Internet users. Woopra’s interface is intuitive, allowing even the most novice users to enjoy its services without difficulty. An advanced feature of the software allows emails to be triggered automatically while updating data.


Matomo is a platform for quickly analyzing data. The tool can be widely customized to meet user needs. It is possible to directly import data from Google Analytics into the software for more convenience. Users are not constrained to any data limitation; they can store a massive amount of it. The interface is simple and easy to use; Internet users can navigate easily. Matomo is an application for securely tracking personal data by privacy laws. The platform is rich in features allowing users to obtain actionable information.

Abla Analytics

Abla Analytics is an intelligent audience measurement tool designed to collect and use data while respecting customer privacy. The platform has a simple interface allowing users to navigate quickly and view essential information. Designed for marketing teams, the solution offers the possibility of defining objectives and monitoring the conversion rates of the various campaigns in real-time.

What differentiates Abla Analytics is that it is, above all, designed to comply with the GDPR and the recommendations of the CNIL. Thus, it respects visitors’ privacy by treating data with the highest degree of confidentiality and computer security.

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GoSquared is an application used to analyze and store data for use. The tool was created to ensure customer privacy. In addition, the platform is regularly updated, so users benefit from new features. GoSquared is an effective solution for SaaS companies. Through this app, users can generate more registrations and engage more customers. In addition, customer support remains available to Internet users in the event of problems or questions. Customer Support helps customers from the initial setup of GoSquared to using the analysis tools.


MixPanel is used to analyze data to engage and retain customers more significantly efficiently. The application is widely used in marketing and the business world to track current trends, customer flows and customer preferences. Using MixPanel’s multiple advanced features, users can design simple reports to work with data faster. MixPanel offers a simple interface that does not require the use of code. The software has analysis tools to interpret the stored data quickly. MixPanel is a handy data analysis tool that saves valuable time at the same time.


Heap is software designed to analyze data to use to promote customer loyalty. The application has many analysis tools to interpret the information collected. One of the advantages of Heap is that users do not have to redeem codes to benefit from the app’s services. In addition, it is possible to integrate data from other applications such as Marketo, Mailchimp or Salesforce. In addition, Heap guarantees data security and complies with privacy laws. Users also have the option of customizing the analyzes obtained according to their preferences.

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StatCounter is a data analysis platform offering an enriched customer experience. Users can track browsers visiting their websites in real time. They can follow their interaction with the content of their sites. Data analysis allows data to be interpreted to aid in decision-making for improvement. StatCounter offers the possibility to its users to store the collected data securely. The software provides valuable information such as which products have interested the most browsers. A 30-day free trial period allows users to assess the effectiveness of the tool.

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is an application designed to understand better customer behavior related to products. The software guarantees customer privacy while ensuring data security. The tool includes on-premise and private cloud storage options providing full data control. The platform offers practical analysis tools for creating customizable reports. Piwik PRO Analytics includes advanced features that help optimize the user experience based on data. Thanks to the powerful options of the software, it is also possible to monitor the effectiveness of the marketing channels.


Kissmetrics is an exciting data analysis solution promoting the customer experience. The application allows, in particular, to understand the behavior of customers vis-à-vis products. Data analysis is very convenient as it influences decision-making. The information is first collected on Kissmetrics; then it is then interpreted in the form of a graph or a curve. Users can thus follow current trends and adapt their marketing strategy according to realities. Kissmetrics has powerful analysis tools that make it possible to exploit data beyond the bounce rate and the time spent on the site.


Finteza is a handy tool for faster data analysis to track user flow. The platform doesn’t just provide basic information like the time spent on a site. Finteza makes more use of data to help its users increase sales and reduce costs. The application offers powerful features, including users can collect data about customers without violating their privacy. In addition, conversion funnels allow users to analyze customer behavior from their first visit to their product purchase.

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