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What Tools Do You Need To Have To Automate Your Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing automation is first and foremost a software business, even if all the thought and decision phases are up to you. However, for the technical side of the mechanization of interactions, a few tools will be of great use to you.

Tool 1: An automatic responder

All the marketing tips for a successful blog converge on one point: optimizing the user experience. In practice, this translates into maintaining good interaction with customers and personalizing the content they receive.

An autoresponder is one of the tools necessary to carry out these actions because it allows you to establish and maintain contact by sending emails, samples, e-books, brochures, etc. When starting in business, many bloggers turn to free autoresponders such as MailChimp. But as soon as you exceed the threshold of 2,000 subscribers, you will have to invest in a paid solution.

One note, however, is that changing your autoresponder can affect the number of visitors to your blog as long as they can be notified of the change. Also, as much as possible, invest in a solution that will adapt to your activities no matter how big they are.

Tool 2: A social media manager

You will know that they are excellent support for the actions of your blog. If you have chosen to complement your marketing strategy with social networks, know that solutions allow you to save time by scheduling publications, analyzing subscriptions to your account or page, interacting with users through messages and comments, etc.

Hootsuite, Buffer, CoSchedule are among the most popular social media management solutions.

However, before making your choice, please find out about the software that your competitors are using who have also embarked on the automation of their marketing because it may be better suited to your business.

Tool 3: A content analyzer

When you get started with automating your blog marketing, you should select the potentially most impactful actions and consider the topics that interest your visitors the most. At first, you can rely on Google Alerts to find out user preferences. But if you want to perform better information monitoring, content analysis software is there to support you.

Can automated blog marketing be done all at once?

We will never stop repeating it: marketing automation remains a time-consuming activity, especially initially, but in the long term, it allows us to increase the ROI. A study commissioned by Marketo in 2018 and another by focus research estimate that 72% and 75% of European professionals who have embarked on automated marketing have recorded a positive ROI.

A reality confirmed by a study by Faisal University with more nuanced figures. Given the time it takes, you will see earlier in this article that it is recommended to choose a good action instead of automating all the actions included in blog marketing. Today there is a whole host of marketing automation software and tools for you to choose from.

However, you need to understand that needs change, contexts change, and behaviours change. In this sense, automating your blog’s marketing remains a continuous and dynamic work. But once you have laid the groundwork, you will have to adjust the mechanism put in place. It can be a change in segmentation criteria, adjustment of objectives, etc.

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