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Cyber ​​​​Security Analyst: What Is His Role, And Why Is He In Great Demand

Society is increasingly dependent on technology: private citizens and companies rely on IT systems daily. This trend shows no sign of slowing down. Research conducted by the Cybersecurity & Data Protection Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano has shown that in 2022 the cyber attacks of which companies were victims increased by 40% compared to 2021, thanks to the spread of remote working.

The frequency with which computer systems are compromised and the need to comply with data protection regulations have prompted companies to invest more and more in favor of privacy and information security. All this has led to an increase in the demand for skills and figures specialized in cyber security. Organizations need to protect themselves from cyber threats, calculate the risks and secure their infrastructures from possible intrusions. This is why they rely on an indispensable figure: the Cyber ​​​​Security Analyst.

What Does A Cyber ​​Security Analyst Do?

The Cyber ​​Security Analyst is an IT professional specializing in the security of networks and IT infrastructures. You identify and prevent threats by implementing security systems and developing protocols that anticipate and suppress cyber-attacks. A cybersecurity analyst protects corporate hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals. He must study and better understand the corporate IT infrastructure, constantly monitor it and evaluate which potential threats could “pierce” the network. Its purpose is, therefore, to understand how to make systems more and more inviolable and thus protect all the sensitive data and information they contain. Other tasks performed by a Cyber ​​Security Analyst:

  • Use of analytics tools to determine emerging vulnerability and threat patterns
  • Conduct risk assessments to make sure the security practices in place are effective
  • Monitor the network for intrusions, attacks or unauthorized activity
  • Evaluate weaknesses by continuously testing the entire corporate network to make it as secure as possible
  • Generate reports to illustrate the current condition of the network, evaluating its strengths
  • Educate members of the organization you work for to make them more aware of cyber threats and best practices
  • Install firewalls and encryption tools to protect confidential information and data transmission
  • Choose which configuration tools to use to protect information (antiviruses, password protectors, vulnerability management software)
  • It is constantly updated on the tools and strategies implemented by hackers to create ad hoc defense plans.

Cyber ​​Security Analyst: The Required Skills

To become a Cyber ​​Security Analyst, certain technical skills must be acquired. Among those that appear most frequently in the job descriptions of employers, we point out the following:

  • Knowledge of the main methodologies and threats of computer systems and networks
  • Experience with at least one scripting language such as Python, Perl, Javascript
  • Knowledge of the basics of programming and its languages ​​(C#, PHP, Java, C++)
  • Systematic skills in MS Windows and Linux infrastructure
  • Basic knowledge of networking and security networking (e.g. Routing, Firewalling, Proxy)
  • Basic digital forensics and incident response
  • Knowledge of DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL etc.) and related security issues
  • Expertise in Ethical Hacking

Certain soft skills must also accompany technical skills. Among the most requested to best perform this role, we find:

  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Analysis and planning skills
  • Prevention skills
  • Teamwork
  • Organization

How To Become A Cyber Security Expert And Career Prospects

To become a cybersecurity analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity or a similar field; master’s degrees are highly regarded. Skills are essential, but it is necessary to have direct experience to acquire them more effectively, for example, through internships in companies and following specialization courses. The enormous gap between supply and demand in terms of specialized figures and the increase in attacks on computer systems make jobs related to cybersecurity among the most requested by the current market.

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