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Mobile Marketing: What Are The Forecasts For 2023?

Mobile marketing is far from losing ground… Just look at the 2022 statistics: nearly 60% of Indian people are now mobile users, i.e. 32.9 million. According to the latest study by the Mobile Marketing Association India, mobile Internet users use the Internet more frequently; 87.3% of Indian people use mobile Internet daily or almost every day.

In 2023, mobile marketing will redouble its efforts to strengthen customer relationships to make the process of discovery and awareness much more relevant and personalized. What are the significant developments that will mark the mobile marketing of tomorrow? Here are four ways to strengthen your customer relationship by anticipating their needs.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

Scanning real-life products seemed like a science fiction scenario a few years ago! In 2023, this experience will become the norm. Rather than scanning QR codes for coupons, customers can scan barcodes for personalized rewards programs, mobile games and non-standard shopping experiences!

Heineken has already tackled this augmented reality feature with its scannable beer bottles as part of its campaign about the seven farmers worldwide who grow organic barley for Heineken. By filtering bottle names with the augmented reality application Blippar, clients open an encounter of elite substance like a film or energized tales about ranchers.

And then there is Google Cardboard which allows Android and iPhone users to taste the virtual reality experience quickly and inexpensively since you can even make the object yourself without having to invest in an ultra-expensive headset like the Oculus Rift, which is €555… No, Google Cardboard is much more affordable: count $23 to buy the famous cardboard viewer.

If all goes well with Google Cardboard, brands will soon integrate virtual reality into their mobile apps and marketing plans to offer their customers a unique and fun way to test their products before buying them.

A pioneer in the field, the New York Times has embarked on the experience with its free NYT VR application, which features documentaries that allow you to experience richly immersive scenes worldwide. The North Face has also launched a virtual reality app which, using Google Cardboard, transports users alongside famous North Face climbers into the heart of Yosemite National Park and Moab in Utah for a 360-degree experience—3D rock climbing.

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Marketing Automation

Merchants will be able to target their awareness campaigns as precisely as possible thanks to customers’ increasingly precise and numerous personal data. And this new turn is needed more than ever: with all the technological advances, it makes sense that your customer’s expectations will go up a notch. And this mainly concerns mobile users who expect a lot from brands regarding personalization.

This is where marketing automation comes in. For example, Appboy’s innovative delivery automation platform helps determine the optimal time to engage users by sending them push notifications, emails, and messages at those peak engagement times. Using marketing automation allows you to offer your product/service offers at the right time without attacking your customers and, above all, without getting tired because it’s automatic!

Increase In Social Media Ads

2023 brings many new ways to engage with your fans on social media via increasingly sophisticated marketing tools. For example, brands increasingly use Snapchat’s “Goals” feature to promote their products/services. Twentieth Century Fox, on the occasion of the release of the film “Peanuts movie”, was embedded in users’ selfies, thanks to a filter superimposed on the image around the characters of Snoopy and Woodstock. Snapchat has therefore become a viable marketing channel.

Social media like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest will also be more sophisticated with the ability to buy life. The “buy now” button will become increasingly common on applications and thus help boost conversions. Brands must be cunning and redouble their creativity to disguise advertising, not to attack Internet users in spaces dedicated initially to social interactions between friends.

Social Media Video Ads

Video ads on social media will become more and more frequent, especially micro-videos, those that are less than 15 seconds. Google will also embed video ads in search results, making sponsored results more eye-catching. Facebook, for example, has made it possible to automatically play video spots on other applications so that users logged into Facebook see these advertisements while elsewhere.

Twitter makes him in the video game. McDonald’s demonstrated that the 140-character limit could be abused to convey a message. To promote its “AlldayBreakfast” products, McDonald’s uses animated GIFs in their tweets. These emerging trends represent excellent opportunities to get to know your customers better.

You can anticipate their needs by offering them a unique and exclusive experience. In addition, this will undoubtedly positively impact your conversions because the mobile is now considered much more than an object; it is a real intimate relationship that the user has with his smartphone. Using these different features gives you a better chance of making the mobile user aware of your message. It’s up to you to be creative and cunning to target the needs of your users as precisely as possible.

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