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TPE-PME: 5 Marketing Tips To Communicate At A Lower Cost!

We often hear it said that small businesses (TPE-PME) that do not benefit from a large marketing budget are condemned to “poorly communicate” for lack of resources. This is wrong! Together, we’ll discover five ways to market yourself, increase your brand awareness, generate leads, retain your customers, and most importantly, get a long-term return on your investment.

Through A Website

Today, 8 out of 10 people look for a product or service on the Internet before making their purchase in a store (Solocal Network and GroupM), and 65% of them say they do so more and more often. This means of communication strongly influences their final decision and their consumption. It is, therefore, crucial for you, TPE-PME, to adapt to this evolution and to have your website which will allow you to:

  1. Highlight Your Products/Services: A website reflects the window of your business. It is the ideal place to exhibit your know-how, your expertise, what makes you unique, and of course, your products/services. What’s more, when your day is over, your website remains accessible 24/7 online when you close your shop.
  2. Gain Visibility: If your content is of high quality and you include the right keywords (i.e., the expressions and queries that Internet users type on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.), you will be likely to improve your natural referencing and therefore generate more traffic on your website. In the end, you will broaden your scope and reach more prospects.

By A Professional Blog

Without spending a single penny, creating your blog through free platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger, is entirely possible. If you prefer a premium blog with more features, you can also devote a low budget (a hundred euros a year).

My blog is online: what content should I publish and how to attract my readers?

It would be appropriate to write an entire article on the issue, but oversimplifying, here are our recommendations: write quality content whose goal is to answer the questions of your target while highlighting your expertise.

For example, if you offer interior design services and your goal is to attract restaurateurs, orient your writing and the themes chosen according to their needs. Perhaps you will write an article on the “new decoration trends” or on a customer case with “photos before/after your intervention”? The choice is yours! Just keep in mind this question: What would be the added value to my prospects thanks to this new article?

To retain them, interact with them, ask for their opinion and give them the floor. Create a relationship of trust that will lead you to build a community of Internet users. If you’re convincing, maybe your readers will come back for more content, or better yet, to ask for a quote.

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Through Social Networks

You probably know the most famous of them (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.…), you may use them on a personal basis, but have you ever realized how great they are for your communication?

Indeed, social networks are free and formidable tools for businesses, allowing you to create/enlarge your community, highlight your products/services, offer unique events, share your articles, or even news in your sector of activity.

Using social networks is free of charge (if you don’t “boost” your content through paid campaigns); you need to create an account and a business page to start the adventure!

However, do not make the mistake of communicating on ALL existing networks, and instead prefer those that will allow you to reach your target customer. For example, if you are not producing music content, there is no need to communicate on Spotify, Soundcloud, or Deezer.

It is also essential to be organized with social networks. Indeed, these may be free, but they will cost you time (often lacking for tiny businesses)! To optimize your work phases, here are some tips:

  • Set yourself goals (increase awareness, interact with the community, generate traffic, etc.).
  • Choose and organize your content (create multiple posts in advance).
  • Observe your competition and get inspired!
  • Be original, and try new approaches (however, beware of the “bad buzz”).

If you are unsure of which social networks to use for your goals, our team is on hand to help you choose the ones that are best suited to your strategy.

By Emailing

When it comes to emailing, opinions are often mixed because many consider this practice to be intrusive. It is true that many companies abuse it and end up in the “junk mail” section of their prospects. However, be aware that these emailing campaigns can be very effective and pay off big when handled with flying colors. Why?

By sending regular emails, you can communicate about new products or services, provide helpful information, retain and acquire new customers.

Software such as Mailchimp or Mailjet is available in free or paid versions, offering you several options such as creating templates (layouts) or even tracking indicators (number of clicks, read rate, percentage of openings). Email…).

However, communicating via emails requires a certain rigor, and you must respect specific essential points:

  • Obtain the prior consent of your prospects before contacting them
  • Give the possibility to unsubscribe from your list in a few clicks
  • Favor quality over quantity
  • Offer real added value to your competitors (promotions, exclusive information, etc.)

In summary, remember that it is possible to use emails as a means of communication, even as a tiny business, but that the effectiveness of the campaigns will depend only on your practices and your content!

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By Proximity: TPE & PME, Think Local!

Are you a VSE-SME, and you do not have to think about local actions? It’s time to take charge and fix that!

Start by creating a Google My Business account and filling out your business listing to appear on Google Maps when people search local. Your customers are probably very close to you, so take this opportunity to gain visibility. What’s more, you can get their opinions via this platform to build confidence in your establishment and thus gain credibility.

Also, consider registering in national or regional directories, such as the Yellow Pages, to boost your local SEO.

Finally, consider “street marketing” in your approach when your industry allows it. This is all the marketing actions carried out in the street to promote an event, product/service, or brand. This can result in the distribution of flyers or the setting up of a stand (classic methods)

TPE & PME Communication – The Conclusion:

Communicating effectively and at a lower cost is possible for VSEs and SMEs. All you have to do is use the right tools, and above all, use them correctly! Originality will also be one of your greatest assets, so do not hesitate to innovate to stand out from your competitors!

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