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Self-trimming At Home: A Guide For Beginners

Hey handsome!

Why are you still roaming around with overgrown bangs, split ends and unshapely beard?

Is your go-to beard stylist still in his hometown? That can be a bummer!

But hey.. What about trimming and styling your beard and hair at home! No, we are not nuts!

You can give yourself a makeover at home! Trust us, it doesn’t need any sorcery!

A DIY trim or cut only requires a few things and this is your lucky day because we have listed some of them below already. Just read and follow carefully as these tips and tricks will help you ace any style you want from the comfort of your home:

1. Get the right gear!

First and foremost, how are you going to get to business?

Don’t you even think about grabbing the set of rusty scissors from your junk drawer and start chopping those strands! The dull edges might end up giving your more split ends! And we don’t even want to get started with the cross-contamination, eww!

Hence, it is important for you to invest in a pair of razor-sharp, versatile and advanced hair trimmer and hair clippers, which are specifically designed to give you the best-looking cut possible! There are many such grooming kits available in the market which you can easily use to style and groom! You should also keep a sharp scissor handy. But make sure that it isn’t rusty or has dull edges.

2. Have a mirror on the wall (and in your hand)

Now that you have the right trimming gear in your hand, you definitely don’t want to take a blind shot at it! And yes, you don’t need just one mirror! One that is mounted on the wall in front of you and the other, a hand mirror which you can move around your face and head to have a closer look!

Pro tip: Make sure that you get a durable hand mirror, because chances are that you will drop it on the floor a couple of times! And it’s bad luck to have broken mirrors in home (this is not me, but our mothers speaking.)

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3. Let there be light (and more)

Always, read this carefully, always have a haircutting or trimming session in a well lit room! This will ensure that you keep a steady watch where you are cutting and don’t end up hurting yourself or cutting more than required. Secondly, cleaning after hair trimming can be quite irritating and difficult if you do place something (like a newspaper) to catch all the loose hair. Many people like to cut in front of a bathroom sink, so that the water is also within reach!

4. Know and work with your hair texture

What type of hair do you have? Are they curly, wavy or simply straight? If they are curly or wavy, then we suggest cutting them when they are dry. As water makes them straight and you might not get a good idea of the final look! If you have straight hair, then dampen them a little with a spray bottle to get the cleanest and sharpest of lines!

5. Start small & work your way up!

Now that you have decided on your new style, it’s finally time to go for it! However, if you are experimenting something drastic for the first time, you better start with small cuts. Trust us, the more drastic change, the bigger are the chances of a mishap! Hence, start cutting smaller portions and cut your hair little by little. Don’t just cut to the length you want in the end at first – rather work your way up! This is because you can always trim more, but unfortunately, you cannot glue up your hair back once you have chopped it!

6. Be a little conservative

This might sound like a bummer, but if you are trimming your beard or hair at home for the first time, then we suggest you go first with trimming the existing look, rather than going for a completely new look! This will give you confidence and you can start experimenting from there onwards!

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7. Pay attention!

The way you hold your sections and scissors can greatly impact your final look! If you have a long beard then it is advisable to pull your hair straight upward with your fingers and the cut. This way will make sure that the hair length is uniform overall. You can also watch a few tutorials by professionals on YouTube before jumping into a self- grooming session at home!

We hope that this guide was helpful and next time you get on a video call with your friends, they will be amazed to see your new avatar! And if they ask, who did this perfect job? Don’t forget to tell them about your new stylist! *wink*

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