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SEA And SEO: What Are The Differences?

SEO is a multitude of measures that aim to achieve better rankings in organic search results. This includes, for example, optimizing the loading speed, defining and incorporating specific keywords, maintaining the backlink profile, and much more. With SEA, on the other hand, paid advertisements are placed in the results pages of the respective search engines. Since Google is the best known of all search engines, it is usually referred to as Google Ads. Advertisers have to pay a small fee to Google for each click on these ads.

Therefore, when choosing the search terms, you should carefully consider which ones are relevant for your company and how much a click here should be worth. So the difference is clear: On the one hand, budget is used to appear in search results through paid ads immediately. Payments are made for every click and, therefore, for every visitor. On the other hand, search engine optimization is often a very long-term process that can take months or even years for a page to perform successfully.


We recently wrote about the question of whether organic or paid social content makes more sense. Here the answer was clear: for a strategic content strategy, the interaction of the two components makes the most sense. But what does it all look like when it comes to SEA and SEO? We explain to you what is essential and how the interaction of the two factors can work. You will then receive promising tips for your strategy. Have fun while reading!

Briefly the advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

Advantages of SEA

  • Fast results possible
  • Low wastage
  • Changes take effect immediately
  • Costs can be planned because you pay per click
  • Get new websites off to a good start

Disadvantages SEA

  • No traffic as soon as no more budget is used
  • Due to the intense competition for coveted keywords, high costs per click can arise
  • Ads don’t guarantee clicks or conversions
  • Depends on google

Advantages of SEO

  • It can have a lasting and long-term effect
  • Organic traffic regardless of advertising budget
  • Usually cheaper than ads

Disadvantages SEO

  • It usually takes until results are visible
  • Very time-consuming when there is intense competition
  • Constant post-optimization necessary
  • No guarantee of success

SEA or SEO: Which Channel Worth While?

With SEA or Google Ads, you can react very quickly to current events. So if a special offer is pending or a product in the online shop is sold out, you can respond directly and place a particular advertisement or deactivate an ongoing promotion.

On the other hand, SEO relates more to the long-term orientation of your company and the related content strategy of your website.

Therefore, especially at the beginning, the interaction of the two channels makes sense.

SEA and SEO: 3 Tips For Your Successful Campaign

Use Keyword Analysis For Google Ads

Keywords are your key! Not only for search engine optimization but also for the majority of all Google Ads campaigns. It would be best if you asked yourself the following questions:

  • Are there search terms that have already been sorted out for SEO measures due to low search volumes?
  • What are the top organic keywords?
  • Where is there already a high organic relevance between search terms and landing pages?
  • Which new keywords can add to the keyword portfolio in the SEA area?
  • Are there information-based keywords that are relevant for customers and should be advertised via SEA?

Coordinate The URL Structure

In addition to faulty links and redirects, the URL structure plays a decisive role in the cooperation between SEA and SEO. Different color variants of products in the online shop can represent a possible problem. If the existing URL structure does not cover the other color variants, the link does not change.

Conversely, this means that users end up on the general product page without a color selection, even if they have searched for specific colors for the respective product. In Google Shopping, the product cannot be displayed in the color you are looking for if there is no individual URL for the separate color variant. So if there is a desire to change the URL structure, this should be coordinated with the SEO team.

Look At Click And Conversion Rates

A common feature of SEA and SEO is that both areas rely on content whose click and conversion rates are measurable. In the SEA area, these are the search ads. In the SEO area, the snippets. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether there is certain information, sales arguments, call-to-actions, or ad extensions that ensure good click and conversion rates in the SEA area.

Do interested parties react to certain price information, reductions, or the like in the SEO snippets? Based on these findings, it is straightforward to find clues for reformulating texts and thus pushing the overall performance of SEA and SEO. We hope that we could bring you closer to the interaction between SEA and SEO and that you are now aware of the importance of both factors.

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