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Link Building Service: Backlinks For An Online Business

Thinking about a link-building strategy is essential for a business. However, there are some factors to consider.

Making sure that a specific portal is found, first of all, by Google: this is a central goal for anyone involved in digital marketing, and that can be achieved through a whole series of SEO strategies; among these, link building stands out as an excellent tool, yet to be handled with extreme care. Aware of this, many web agencies in Italy now use link building to generate traffic on customer portals, and among these, LinkBuilding-SEO stands out.

Why Request A Backlink Service

Being found on the Internet is a matter of positioning. Users rarely slip past the top links of the first page of the SERP: for this reason, make sure that the site you intend to work on is well-rated by Google, thus obtaining the first positions in the SERP for the scope and keyword in which it wants to place itself and for which it wishes to compete, is crucial to obtaining traffic.

Link building – if used wisely and without forcing or dishonest or unprofessional distortions – can be helpful to achieve this goal. The direct advantage is the improvement of the ranking of the site in the more general Google algorithm. When the search engine considers the incoming links to a particular area to be reliable, more or less automatically, it will begin to feel the site itself as trustworthy, thus rewarding it with a better one. Positioning.

The consequence that derives from the better positioning of the site is more significant traffic of users on the portal itself, with a more prominent possibility of converting and retaining visitors into customers wishing to take advantage of the service or product offered.

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The Importance Of A Correct Digital Marketing Strategy

To do digital marketing, it is essential to know how Google works to better optimize a specific site for the most used search engine in the world. Hence the definition of SEO ( search engine optimization, i.e. optimization for search engines) means the optimization of a site to be evaluated as authoritative by Google and, therefore, to be positioned at the top of the SERP ( search engine results page, i.e. the results page offered by a search engine).

The underlying reasoning is simple: the more Google estimates a particular site – based on several factors – the higher it ranks it in the results it offers in response to relevant searches from internet users who type specific questions and specific keywords into the search string. . The task of a digital marketing strategy is precisely to ensure that this result occurs, by acting on the various elements evaluated by Google: among these, there are the links that from other web pages lead to the site for which you are working.

One of the elements that Google values ​​positively is the number of authoritative external sources that lead to a particular site. The more links (links) lead to the same page, starting from portals that Google considers reliable, the more the big search engine will end up positively evaluating the recipient of so much attention. Creating such a link network is what is called link building.

The Benefits Of Backlinks

A strategy to provide a site with the backlinks required to improve its positioning can lead to equally valuable collateral advantages. Setting up a link-building campaign allows you to establish profitable and possibly lasting relationships with other personalities in the digital world, including some belonging to the same market niche as the site you want to carry on.

What matters most, in this sense, is to act honestly and reliably, respecting at least two metrics that Google takes into consideration when evaluating a backlink map: on the one hand, the quality of the page offering the backlink is considered; on the other hand, however, the number of incoming links on the site in question.

The quality is based on the authority of the page that sends the incoming link, established as a distance, in terms of connections, from sites considered as a reference on the web. The quantity of incoming links is another fundamental element in the evaluation, provided that there are no forcing or disseminating links without context in the network (a practice once abused and highly invasive). In the latter case, failure to comply with a spontaneously appearing attitude may profoundly damage the site, which could disappear from search engines.

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