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iCloud Photo Sharing: Share Photos With iPhone

iCloud Photo Sharing makes it easy to share photos and albums from your iPhone with family and friends. We show how it’s done.

With the iPhone, you can easily and conveniently share individual photos or entire albums with your contacts. The so-called photo sharing takes place via iCloud. We’ll show you below how to prepare your iPhone and then share your pictures with friends and family.

Note: With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can only share your pictures with people who also have iCloud, and Photo Sharing turned on.

Preparation: Activate iCloud photo sharing

To share photos and albums with other contacts using your iPhone, you must have connected your iPhone to iCloud and turned on iCloud photo sharing. In the following, we explain how to activate photo sharing:

  1. Open the settings via the app with the gear symbol.
  2. Then tap your name at the top and select ” iCloud “.
  3. Now tap on ” Photos ” and activate the switch behind ” iCloud Photo Sharing “.

Share iPhone photos – here’s how

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

  • Step 1: Open your Photos app on the iPhone and select an album.
  • 2nd step: Now go to ” Select ” in the upper right corner of the album. Then either tap on ” All ” in the top left to share the entire album, or you can select individual images.
  • 3rd step: When you have made your selection, tap on the share icon in the lower-left corner.
  • 4th step: In the options that appear, look for ” iCloud Photo Sharing ” and tap it.
  • 5th step: You will now be asked to give your new album a name. If you have previously created an album using iCloud Photo Sharing, you can also add the photos to an existing album. To do this, tap on “Shared Album” at the bottom. Then go to ” Next ” at the top right.
  • 6th step: Now enter the names of the people you want to share your album with. Either look for contacts from your phone book or enter an email address. You can share your album with up to 100 people. Then tap on ” Next ” again.
  • 7th step: You can now optionally write a comment. When you’re done, tap Post to share the album. Your selected contacts will be informed directly on your iPhone or by email.
  • 8th step: If you click on ” Shared ” at the bottom of your photos app, you will see your shared album. If you open an album and tap on ” People ” at the bottom, you can invite other people to the album and make different settings. For example, if you activate ” Subscribers can post “, your contacts can edit the album and add photos and videos.

Quick Start Guide: Share iPhone Photos

  1. Open the Photos app, go to an album and tap ” Select “.
  2. Now select individual photos or tap ” All ” in the top left to share the entire album.
  3. Now tap on the Share icon in the lower-left corner and then on ” iCloud Photo Sharing “.
  4. Now give your album a name and then tap on ” Next “. If you have already created an album via iCloud Photo Sharing, you can choose in the lower right corner whether you want to create a new album or whether the pictures should be added to an existing album.
  5. Now choose the people you want to share your photos with. To do this, search for a contact from your phone book or enter an email address.
  6. Optionally, you can then enter a comment and then tap on ” Post “. Your selected contacts will then be notified by email or directly on your iPhone.

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