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Further Training In The Field Of Information Technology – It’s That Easy

Digitization and information technology are two areas that are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. At the same time, this means a career change and that programmers or developers are in demand more than ever. For this reason, we will show you how further training in IT is possible with the help of Professional Schools.

IT professionals face the challenge of constantly having to adapt. Due to digitization, the dangers in terms of security are changing, but so are significant parts of our communication behaviour. Nowadays, hardly a company does not rely on voice assistants or artificial intelligence.

That’s why further training for specialists is an easy way to stay on the ball and learn how to deal with the new challenges.

Topics In Technology Field

The Professional Schools has taken on this task and offers a wide range of further education in the field of information technology:

  • Digitization
  • Software development
  • IT security engineering
  • Usability engineering

In the following, we present the four further training courses in detail.


The course with a focus on digitization is mainly aimed at software engineers who drive digitization with their developments, managers who develop digitization strategies, and interdisciplinary specialists who deal professionally with the topic of digitization.

During the course, participants learn to recognize patterns of success in digital transformation and use them for their digital organisation, know their role in digital transformation, lead virtual high-performance teams, and promote and implement digitization in their own company.

Software Development

The course focusing on software development is aimed at IT specialists and specialists in software development.

With the help of the course, participants can produce software according to current engineering standards for the targeted project and process management and the systematic and conceptual implementation of their software projects. In addition, they learn how to assess possible applications and the corresponding limits of development tools and programming languages.

IT Security Engineering

This certificate course with a focus on IT security engineering is suitable for IT specialists and practitioners in the field of information technology and specialists and career changers who deal professionally with IT security.

Participants receive comprehensive knowledge of the security aspects of software and digitization. After successful completion, they can monitor and protect security properties and vulnerabilities of applications, systems, and IT landscapes. In addition, participants can formulate security requirements in a structured manner, identify security risks, eliminate them and develop defensive measures.

Usability Engineering

The certificate course focusing on usability engineering is aimed at specialists and career changers who deal professionally with the user-friendliness and optimization of the usability of products. Relevant topics of the course include software development, design, and usability testing.

With the course, participants can optimise the user experience themselves. This includes defining and implementing usability-specific requirements, creating suitable prototypes, and integrating and evaluating usability processes into existing project structures.

Training And Job Under One Roof

The Professional Schools focuses its teaching on the compatibility of further education, work, and private life. All presented certificate courses are taught in nine months, divided into five modules. A total of 15 attendance days over five long weekends and an additional examination day are required. These occur at intervals of around six weeks at the Professional Schools.

If you are also interested in further training in information technology, you will find the right course for your area only at the Professional Schools.

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