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Smartphone: Do You Know These Hidden Tricks On Android?

If the new models of smartphones are more and more tempting, many consumers are now keeping their phones as long as possible. A particular mode on Android allows you to unlock new features on your smartphone and extend its lifespan. If the new models of smartphones are more and more tempting, many consumers are now keeping their phones for as long as possible. Some manufacturers even encourage this approach in the name of ecology. Therefore, companies communicate on products that are much more robust than before and last over time. This is particularly the case of Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models, which can be used until 2027, according to the statements of the American giant. Nevertheless, most devices suffer from slowdowns as the years pass.

Breakdowns cause some customers to buy new products. Fortunately, to take care of the planet and your wallet, there are some Android tricks to improve the user experience of new and old phone models. Indeed, Android has hidden features reserved for developers. The goal is to make your phone last longer. Unlock those unique settings! The procedure to follow is relatively simple, although it includes essential steps. The first step is to go to the smartphone settings. Select the “About device” tab. After clicking on this section, search for the term “Version.” The “Version number “will then appear. Click it seven times. The system may then ask you to enter your PIN. Tap it on the screen, and voila! You have activated the developer mode.

A Developer Mode To Access Hidden Features On Your Smartphone

This option gives you access to new features. Among these, you will have the possibility of modifying the operation of your smartphone. To access it, return to the part reserved for the parameters. Click “System” or “System Settings. ” Then tap on “Developer options.” From the displayed list, select the one that allows you to eliminate smartphone animations. Removing the animation function gives a better impression of the device’s fluidity. Focus on the “Transition Animation Scale” option. The default is “x 1”.

You can therefore change it to “Animation disabled. Then, you can reproduce the operation on the “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” options. Another tip is to free up storage space on your smartphone. Indeed, your phone can slow down when the storage is almost complete. First, uninstall – and not just delete – the apps you don’t use. Do not hesitate to use a cloud system to store your photos and videos. Google Photos can thus be a good solution.

Android Tips: Check The Memory Used

If the smartphone’s memory is complete, this has several unpleasant side effects: It is no longer possible to take photos, install updates or even new apps, or download files. Android offers two overview pages to identify memory hogs. Both are in the settings. Under the “Memory” entry, Android lists how much memory is used for which purpose. If, for example, pictures and videos you have taken yourself take up a large part of your internal memory, you should either back them up on a computer or move them to a memory card.

The music and film collection is also better off on a memory card – provided the device supports such a memory expansion. Of course, the installed apps also contribute to the total memory. They can be found in the settings either under “Apps” or on Samsung smartphones under “Applications” and “Application Manager.” Tap on the menu icon at the top and then on “Sort by size” – you will find the most memory-hungry apps even faster. In general, you should quickly uninstall apps that are not used.

Valid Numbers And Characters: USSD Codes

The key combinations are so-called USSD codes. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. These are, therefore, additional service requests and control commands. You can use the codes to call up information about your device and start functions. Many regulations are tied to the GSM mobile network and, therefore, only work if there is a connection to this network. Individual parts are also available directly on the smartphone and can be activated without reception.

Apple And Android—As Always, Completely Different

However, the most valuable codes differ depending on whether you use an Android or an Apple smartphone. We have put together the most critical combinations for you.

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