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Difference Between Instagram Stories And Reels

Instagram Reels is a video function of Instagram, which follows the trend of the most recent and innovative Social Network, TikTok. It can be accessed through the same interface as Stories, swiping left to go to the live broadcast and right to Reels. Instagram Reels is a content format that allows you to create and share 15-second videos with others in a new feed on the Explore page. Just like TikTok, Reels offers a variety of creative tools for creating fun and engaging short videos on Instagram.

It is possible to record and edit Reels videos in 15-second multi-clips with audio, text, special effects and stickers and then share them with your followers. Unlike Stories, Reels uses perfect music with matching videos to create relevant content with products and stickers. Instagram offers many music clips to choose from. Reels also allow you to adjust the recording speed. Unlike Story Boomerang, you can slow down the video by five times or speed it up by three times. The Effects allow you to add entertaining content such as Funny Face, Party Lights, and Green Screen, and choose many other effects for perfect Instagram Reels.

Also, the duration doesn’t have to be 15s. It can last even less, and you can add a 3-second timer to capture the right moments at the right time. There is also the ALIGN function, which is used to help the user “straighten” things if, for example, the video is blurry or blurry. Sharing is another element that differentiates the two types of communication. It is possible to share Stories with your followers through a direct message or by posting them in your profile.

However, the Instagram story will not be added to your feed and will disappear after 24 hours. Instead, Instagram Reels allows sharing using a direct message to send to your followers and publish in your feed, thus reaching a wider audience than the one eventually acquired through Instagram Stories. It can be inferred that while Instagram Stories is more attentive to the quality and improvement of the final image, Instagram Reels aims precisely at creating pleasant and captivating videos, just like TikTok.

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Instagram Stories Or Instagram Reels: Which To Choose?

Instagram Stories is more linked to the staff, therefore, more used by private individuals, but if necessary, it can also be helpful for commercial realities. On the other hand, Instagram Reels were born to be seen and shown off. Of course, it can also be done in private, but it certainly offers a valuable tool for companies and companies that decide to market through social networks.

Format And Duration

In Stories, you can upload/create a photo or video of up to 15 seconds. In Reels, only videos up to 30 seconds (I don’t exclude it could reach 60 seconds like Tik Tok).


The stories last up to 24 hours (ok, you can highlight them ), and the Reels, on the other hand, last forever and have a special section in each profile the team created after you have made your first Reel).


Stories are distributed only in the “Stories” at the top of the feed, while Reels are distributed within the meal, in the profile gallery, in the Explore section and in the Stories if desired.


Stories can be sponsored in “dark” and “organic”. The Reels have not yet, but I play the shirt that this possibility will be there soon.

Methods Of Creation And Use

Stories are “faster” content both in the creation and in fruition. On the other hand, the Reels need more in-depth preparation … I’m not saying an actual script and storyboard, but at least a plot and a thought on how to record.


Instagram Stories and Reels have different purposes: Thanks to the many stickers, Stories have a higher rate of interaction and involvement; instead, thanks to the algorithm and the novelty effect, Reels have better results in terms of coverage and profile growth.

Conclusions: Long Live Team Play!

The last point should make us reflect that we don’t need to choose one tool, but both should be used: Reels to make the profile known and grow and Stories to entertain, involve, and, above all, convert new followers (and also old ones, Obviously).

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