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9 Tools Any Ecommerce Owner Needs

If you work in e-commerce, you should definitely know that there are tools that are indispensable for your business. You don’t just have to have a website, post some products on Facebook and think that sales will come. Much more needs to be done than that. And one of the things to do as soon as possible is to start using some tools that will increase your chances of selling. Throughout this article, we are going to name some of the best options on the market!

1. JivoChat

Any website needs an online chat and certainly their site is no different. It is necessary to provide support to your customers, clear doubts and thus direct the potential customer to buy. With JivoChat you will be able to give real-time support to all your visitors, share files with them or even allow them to evaluate your service.

2. Google Analytics

With e-commerce, you have to be very attentive to everything your visitors do. Knowing which pages were visited or where users have left your site is critical information. With Analytics, you will realize all this and more! This Google tool lets you know how many visits they had on a specific day and what are the most visited pages, the time they spend on each page or even if they have met their goals! It is completely free.

3. Mailchimp

Electronic marketing will play an important role in your sales, so it is necessary to choose carefully which tool to use. MailChimp is without a doubt one of the best options on the market, which guarantees very high administration speeds. With the application you can send email campaigns, analyze delivery reports, configure and send very specific automatic emails. It has a free platform with a limit to send 2,000 email messages. If you wish, you can also use the MailChimp mobile application to track the performance of your campaigns from your phone.

4. Active Campaign

If instead of sending campaigns you prefer to create an automatic response sequence, instead of MailChimp you can opt for Active Campaign. This tool is revolutionizing the email marketing market due to the ease with which you can create from different media sales through email. Send messages depending on the behavior of your list and send more personalized emails. Prices are more or less similar to those of MailChimp and it has a trial period of 14 days.

5. Google Adwords

Making announcements on the Google network is another essential detail for any e-commerce owner. With ads from the world’s largest search engine, you’ll be able to target campaigns that go directly to your target audience. Suppose you sell shoes to Brazil, with Google Adwords, you will be able to create ads exactly for those who are looking for … shoes throughout Brazil. However, not everything is wonderful in Google ads: the learning curve is long and the price per click is extremely expensive. Therefore, it is crucial to make the ads targeted to the right audience and that your eCommerce is focused on conversion.

6. Facebook Ads

Google’s main competitor can be an excellent choice for your e-commerce. With Facebook ads you have two great advantages: The first is that you can create ads much more easily. The platform created by Mark Zuckerberg has an excellent design and teaches step by step how to create your first ad. Furthermore, advertising on social media is much cheaper than advertising on Adwords. It is not uncommon for the price of a Google ad for each click to be ten times more than the same ad on Facebook. However, conversion rates on Facebook also tend to be lower. Above all, it is necessary to know which of the media conversions has a lower cost.

7. Buffer

In addition to the ads, you will also need a tool to manage your e-commerce posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. One of the best options currently Buffer. With the application, you can schedule publications in the media for any day and time of year. In addition to the option to schedule the announcements, it also allows to see the statistics of each announcement. Its free plan allows you to program up to 10 consecutive messages on each social media.

8. Hootsuite

It’s another good option if you really want to take care of your social media constantly. It also allows the publication of programming, and also has some additional features, such as the ability to monitor all messages that are entered in each social media, publications made by other members of your team. Useful for those who like to keep multiple tasks at once.

9. SumoMe

If you want to collect email addresses to make sales through internet marketing? So you need a tool to help you capture email messages. One of the most successful is SumoMe. This application brings together a set of tools that will allow more potential customers to have the option of collecting the customer’s email through a pop-up, in turn they have a bar that is located at the top of their site called heat analysis. maps or heat maps, which provides information on where users click.

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