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5 Features You Can’t Do Without In Shopify In 2023

The Shopify ecommerce platform was created primarily to make selling easier for the merchant. The simplicity and advantage of this platform are designed exclusively to ensure that the manager of a sales activity puts its customers in a position to acquire and retain more and more customers to their brand.

Already in itself, the Shopify platform allows you to have many native features that help in the sale. In addition, the Shopify App Store is full of free solutions to improve your ecommerce every day. Apps can help improve your business and increase your conversion rate. Today we will talk about 5 useful Shopify apps that are very important for running your online store.

Customer Support Chat: Whatsapp, Facebook, Zendesk, Or Tawkto?

Customer support, better known as customer care, is one of the biggest challenges for any e-commerce! If you have a support chat in your store, you may need more customer care as its effectiveness depends on many things. In a society like ours, where we receive dozens and dozens of information simultaneously, we are used to having everything immediately. For this reason, the response received from a support chat is not an exception either.

There are different types of live chat where the customer is used to having an immediate response by messaging directly with a physical person, even before with a bot. In this case, the Whatsapp or Facebook chat could be right for you. It is clear that the less time your business takes to respond, the more likely it will be to convert a simple user and make him your customer. Conversely, A support chat is where the customer leaves his contact details to receive an answer as soon as possible regarding his problem. The best apps in this field are the famous Zendesk and the less popular but equally effective Tawkto.

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Product And Service Reviews: Trustpilot

Adding reviews to your store can be a great way to improve your conversions. How many times have you bought a product based on reviews from other users? Here, for others, it is not very different… Having reviews on the products or services of your store not only helps users to choose the right products but also to understand the satisfaction or improvements that they need to receive to be more successful.

One of the most impressive providers on the market is certainly Trustpilot. With Trustpilot, in addition to giving reliability to your end customer, you can put them in a position to leave you a review on the product or service received. In fact, with Trustpilot, you will be able to add all those post-sales automation where after each purchase, the user will receive an email with a questionnaire to fill out on the various stages he has come across on your e-commerce such as shipping, site navigability, choice of the product, customer assistance, etc.

Payment By Installments: Klarna

Klarna is one of many payment installment providers that allow you to add value to your Shopify store. It’s a great way to get more customers because it allows them to pay for their monthly purchases. There are many advantages for which every e-commerce must have payment by installments: 1. Payment by installments increases the average receipt of your e-commerce 2. Payment options in installments increase conversions 3. Decrease in abandoned carts.

Transactional Emails

Transactional mail is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. It allows you to send targeted emails to customers based on their actions or behavior in your store, for example, when they place an order or sign up for your newsletter, not least when they abandon a cart. Are you wondering if email marketing works? You will find all the answers you are looking for in this other very useful article.

Ecommerce Billing

Invoicing has always been a very broad and complex topic, but ensuring that your e-commerce complies with current tax regulations is equally important. Choosing a reliable e-commerce invoicing tool is essential to ensure proper management of company accounts and adherence to constantly changing legislation.

From July 2023, invoicing could also be mandatory for e-commerce, while, unfortunately, on the Shopify platform, the functions necessary to guarantee correct accounting management are not yet native. If you’re using Shopify Plus, there’s no problem implementing the extra fields in the checkout for billing, as it’s known to be the only version of the platform that allows changes to the cart code. For the other plans, you need to use an app that can be integrated with your invoice provider, and for this, we are ready to support you.


The five apps listed above are some of the most important we want to tell you about in the Shopify ecosystem. They can help you increase sales and make customers happy, but other solutions are available, and many new ones are born daily. In fact, before installing an app on your Shopify ecommerce site, you must carefully evaluate the options and plans made available by the individual apps and whether these can ultimately be right for you!

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