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5 Benefits Of A Cloud Platform

The IT industry is constantly changing. More and more companies are changing or being born with cloud solutions to take advantage of its benefits.

Today, we will talk about why hiring a company that has a cloud platform can be better than hosting the solution on its server.

The Importance Of Using Technology In Healthcare

The health sector involves much more than the care provided to the patient, as it covers the management of their journey during their stay in the institution and the management of all the risks, resources, and teams involved in the process.

Therefore, the large number of factors that must be monitored and optimized, there is a demand for solutions that facilitate the process and identify flaws in the routine of the health professional and the manager’s decision-making, which is often not even noticed.

With technology, it is possible to implement innovative solutions that will solve the main problems that the institution faces, which may be these demands related to hospitalization costs, the health of the inmate, or the management of the operation itself, for example.

Much more than making information available digitally, the digitization of processes and the transformation of business models into digital allow for adding more value to the patient. It keeps the institution competitive in the market.

For this, a wide range of technologies is applied. The use of the cloud is gaining more and more prominence.

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What Is A Cloud Platform?

A cloud platform is a system that operates in a 100% digital manner with access to all recorded information.

This type of technology is widely used in various sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, industrial, chemical and human health.

Main Advantages Of Using A Cloud Platform In Healthcare

Decrease In IT Costs And Responsibilities

Many IT teams are already overwhelmed by themselves. Now imagine the costs of developing new systems.

By hiring a ready-made solution, its benefits are already used from day one, and when they are in the cloud, their costs decrease even more since all these actions are the supplier’s responsibility.

In this way, it is possible to focus the efforts of the IT team on other tasks and still provide the manager with time for strategic decisions that can impact the future of the business.

The savings include the costs of hosting on your server and its maintenance. Not to mention, of course, the costs related to the IT team responsible for installing and maintaining the applications on each machine.

Greater Information Security And Division Of Responsibilities

The company also starts to share information security responsibilities with the provider company legally. In addition to using various security measures, we use Google as a cloud service provider.

Worldwide known for its pioneering innovation, Google’s cloud takes several security measures to protect all allocated data. Security measures are certifications, a secure global network, and data encryption.

Access To New Technologies And Their Benefits

It is very common for companies that are pioneers in innovation to choose to use some cloud provider to provide their solutions.

This is mainly due to the benefits that this type of technology delivers, including security, scalability, and resource management. The same benefits they can deliver to their customers.

Constant Updates

A locally hosted platform tends to be static as its maintenance and evolution involve a lot of IT staff effort. The development of new features depends on a large queue of demands and budgets.

Companies that provide their solutions in the cloud tend to make their updates constantly available to all their customers. And with each new update, new features are added.

Access From Any Location With Internet

Cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. In an increasingly dynamic and connected world, many companies depend on an external team to carry out their day-to-day activities and share their information with the work environment.


This type of technology allows you to expand your business simply because, for example, you want to increase the number of people your operation serves.

It is only necessary to hire more space in the cloud to store important information regarding the service provided.

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