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5 Applications For Companies That Facilitate Teamwork

Teamwork, despite its difficulties and limitations, brings a number of advantages for organizations, which is why there are more and more companies, of all sizes and sectors, that recognize the need for their members to collaborate and work together, as a team. Working as a team involves sharing and debating ideas, learning about the entire process and its evolution, being in continuous communication, looking for joint solutions and working side by side to achieve the same objective. This complex task requires effective management and organization, otherwise projects may never be completed on time. However, with the leader and the right tools, teamwork becomes a key element for quality and business success.


This software in the cloud, formerly known as teambox, is one of the most complete tools, which allows teamwork in real time. It is made up of new functionalities that contribute to improving teamwork. Now you can organize work, create a list of tasks, assign managers, communicate with your team via chat or video conference, in addition to managing, sharing and working on files of different formats.


This application is a notebook in which you can save and share ideas and resources to improve your projects. One of the advantages of this tool is the way in which it organizes the information, through notebooks, in which to insert your comments, images or files. The application has extra functions that you can use to improve the planning, monitoring and presentation of your projects. You can choose the basic modality, totally free, or acquire the Plus, Premium or Business services, at a very affordable cost.


While Evernote organizes work in notebooks, Trello does it in different dashboards, which you can customize and configure according to your needs. This support allows you to share the boards with whoever you want, add tags for a faster and more efficient search, notify expiration dates, create a Checklist, attach all kinds of files and even insert comments and have conversations. The tool is free, although if you want to subscribe to the service for companies you must pay a minimum monthly amount.


It is without a doubt one of the most popular and effective cloud storage services. Dropbox allows you to share all kinds of files and documents in a simple and secure way, with whoever you want, be it your team members, your clients or your suppliers. It has a free service, its basic account, limited to 2 gigabytes of space, enough for many companies; a pro service, with a terabyte, that is, a thousand gigs of space and a special service for companies with unlimited capacity and other extra services, all for a very low monthly price.

Google Apps

Who does not know Google applications yet? For a few years now, the multinational Google has put at your disposal a wide variety of tools that will become great allies for your company. These are simple and basic applications, but very useful, which are a good alternative for teamwork. Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, the calendar of Google or Google Docs, are some of the applications that you will find. Like the rest, you can opt for the free basic service or select Google Apps for Work, with some extra advantages.

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