What Does USB Mean?

Have you always wondered what the abbreviation USB means? We’ll explain it to you.

Almost everyone has probably had a USB stick in their hand at some point. Most digital devices have a USB port or a USB cable. This is usually used to transfer data or electricity if the device is connected to a power supply unit for charging via a USB cable. In this article, you can find out precisely what “USB” is all about and which USB standards are available.

That means USB

The abbreviation USB stands for “Universal Serial Bus”, it is a so-called serial bus system. This means that it is used to transfer data, bit for bit (serially). You can connect external hard drives, USB sticks, keyboards or your smartphone to your computer via USB – USB is universally usable. Data is then transferred between the external devices and the PC via the USB connections on your PC. The external devices are also called peripheral devices.

These USB standards exist

USB is constantly evolving. Various USB standards differ in the transfer rate of data and power. The following table lists the standards:

These types of USB connectors are available

The numbered USB standards differ in the data transfer rate. But there are also different USB plugs and sockets, which are identified with letters. The USB connections on PCs and power packs are suitable for type A plugs. This is the most common type of plug found on cell phone charging cables and USB sticks, for example.

Many external devices, such as smartphones or cameras, have different connections. These are usually suitable for USB connector type B or the modern type C. They have a cable to be connected to PCs or power supplies with a type A plug. Appropriate adapters are available for devices that do not have their USB interface or a USB connector.

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