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Types Of Web Pages That Exist

The use of the Internet has become popular in recent years and access to the network has extended to a large part of the world population. This has led to the proliferation of websites where each of them has a certain use. In today’s article, I am going to explain some of the classifications in which we can order the types of web pages that we currently have.

What is a Web Page?

A web page is a document or any type of information that is created in HTML format (HyperText Markup Language), which is adapted to the World Wide web (WWW) and accessed content through some of the browsers exist. The grouping of linked web pages under the same domain is called a website.

Types of Web Pages according to their construction

Static websites

These types of pages are characterized in that they show permanent information in which the user cannot interact with the page except to read the content. They do not use databases, but the information resides on the server, so to modify it you have to access the server and change its content. These types of pages are used for purely informative websites.

Dynamic web pages

Unlike static web pages, on dynamic web pages the contents can be modified by the users who visit them and are allowed to create or modify the aspect of the same through the same navigation with forms, text, images, videos etc. Among these would be the forums, blogs, ecommerces with shopping carts, the different sections of product sheets in which users can comment and the other pages in which visitors can create or interact with the information displayed themselves. These contents interact with a database in which each of the users’ records is kept.

And according to their functionality, we can classify them into:


A blog like this that you are reading right now, is a portal where opinion articles on a specific topic are published and where the contents are usually structured, with the most recent appearing first. In these types of web pages, users can write comments to blog posts also giving their point of view. Currently, most blogs are made with the WordPress CMS that makes programming and maintenance tasks easier.

Online stores

Ecommerces or online stores are websites where products or services are sold. At present they are having a great growth due to the fact that many users already carry out their transactions over the Internet and also many traditional businesses have launched to develop this type of sites to generate business on the net. To give you some information, some ecommerces have already become distribution giants and are some of the largest companies in the world such as Alibaba or Amazon.

Corporate Websites

The corporate websites are those that describe the characteristics of the company where its main information is collected, such as who they are, their location, what they do and other information about the company itself. The main products or services offered by the company are also usually shown on these websites, but there is no possibility of contracting them online.


A forum or a community is a virtual space where a series of people meet to discuss a certain topic. The forums usually have two figures, the administrator or administrators of the same and the users, the former are in charge of moderating the messages and the latter of publishing them. Forums can also be included in sections of a site to provide a discussion space for users who visit those pages.

Download site

The purpose of these pages is to provide the user with the information they are looking for in the form of a file download. These files can be software to install on the user’s computer and other types of files in their different types of formats. Here we can group Softonic, El rincón del vago and websites of this type that we have all visited at some time and that are download repositories.

Search engines

Pages created for users to make their queries and they return a series of results with the best pages on that particular query. They can include advertising, in fact Google gets most of its income from its Google Adwords program for advertising in its search engine.

News Websites

Webs where news is constantly being uploaded so that the reader can consume it and be able to comment on it. Paper newspapers all have their website, which is in fact one of the most visited sites on the Internet and then we also have news sites that can be created by the user such as the well-known


They are web pages where users are the ones who create and modify their content directly from their browser. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia, one of the most visited web pages in the world.

Video consumption sites

There are several websites in which we can consume audiovisual content, the best known is YouTube, although there are others such as Dailymotion or Vimeo. These websites are also financed through advertising such as television.

Educational sites

Online training or e-learning has become very important in recent years and it is already strange not to find someone who has not completed a distance course through the Internet. To carry out these trainings, there are web pages that become “virtual classrooms” where students can view the content, interact with other students and make inquiries about the content they are studying.

Game Webs

Online games are one of the most expanding markets in the virtual world, for many years before the existence of the Internet, many of us have enjoyed moments of leisure alone or with friends. With the birth of the Internet, this sector has multiplied its presence and although I am not very “gamer”, there are platforms like Steam where you can choose a series of online games to enjoy hours and hours of entertainment.


On the Internet there are also websites totally dedicated to the comparison of services and products, some large companies such as Booking, Rastreator or Emagister, have made this service their business route and they are doing really well. Users go to these types of pages to contrast which are the best options in each case and these companies earn a commission when the client closes the purchase with them or provides the data to be contacted.

Maybe you know some other type of website according to its functionality, if so, I will be happy to leave your opinion in the comments area.

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