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Tips To Improve Customer Service In Marketplaces

In marketplaces, service should also be taken seriously; after all, these channels are currently responsible for a good amount of sales in virtual stores. See the tips we have prepared for you to win over marketplace customers through service:

Train Your Team

A well-trained team is essential to ensure the quality of your customer service. That’s because your team will need to manage demand and, sometimes, have direct contact with buyers.

Consumers’ preference for online platforms adapted the business model of stores to the Internet, which added another channel option for sales and increased the number of potential customers.

So, invest in active listening, communication and demand management training, so your team is prepared daily. Also, ensure it has all the resources it needs to do a good job.

Separate Pre And Post Sales

The pre-and post-sales teams deal with the customer at different moments in the shopping journey, so by separating them, you ensure that each one can focus on one stage and seek proactive strategies without wasting time.

Brands that carry out this integration are known as omnichannel, which means being present in more than one sales channel to reach consumers wherever they are: in the natural or virtual world.

This is a way of strategically distributing efforts and, consequently, preventing some errors in care.

Automate Messages

Working with automated messages reduces your team’s efforts, which can dedicate itself to more demanding tasks. In addition, this feature makes customer service better, as it promotes agility and efficiency.

Identify which messages are constant in the SAC and automate responses with intelligent software.

With simple management tools, it is possible to map the main questions and interactions you receive on the platforms and register automatic messages for them.

Count On Artificial Intelligence

You may be wondering: but what about personalization? Working with automation can make you lose points with aspects such as humanization and personalized service.

However, choosing a tool with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possible, as this feature helps interpret the human language to make communications more fluid. But there are even more complete options on the market, such as Prize, which has a customizable and supervised AI to leave it with your company’s face, and the impact on the user is minimal.

Operate With Data

No going out outlining strategies and making decisions based on “guesses”. A serious business that wants to grow safely is based on data. Explore the communication channels for this.

Operating with data means knowing precisely what is working and what needs to be improved in the business.

With them, it is possible to analyze average response time, amount of demand according to the day of the week, and which step is more congested, among other aspects. All of these are parameters to identify areas for improvement in your process.

Also, with satisfaction surveys, even during other appointments, you can monitor customer satisfaction with your business. So, whenever possible, ask for customer feedback.

Centralize Your Accounts

Dealing with marketplace calls on a single dashboard is a smart strategy to optimize your team’s time and routine. By centralizing the information, the management of calls becomes more agile, as well as the visualization of urgencies.

For this, it is possible to rely on service management tools for marketplaces. The Prize, as mentioned above, provides the centralization of service for the largest sales channels, with a simple-to-follow interface and reports with relevant data for SAC management.

Pay Attention To The Rules Of Each Site

Last but not least, you must respect the platform’s rules when working with marketplaces. When using multiple sites, these rules may differ.

Be aware of their general and standard rules, but pay attention to the differences. In addition to satisfying the customer, following marketplaces’ directions guarantees your space in them to continue selling beyond e-commerce.

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