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Tips To Enhance Remarketing Actions For Your E-commerce

If you’ve ever performed a search for a product on Google and browsed through a virtual store – without necessarily completing the purchase – you’ve probably already been impacted by some ecommerce remarketing action.

You can be a shopkeeper to be familiar with this situation. After you search the Internet for a product or service that interests you and browse the virtual store, various advertisements with advantageous offers appear on the websites you access.

This strategy aims to highlight your product and encourage the user to return to the virtual store to complete the purchase. And this action is essential to increase the sales of the site.

After All, What Is E-commerce Remarketing?

E-commerce remarketing or retargeting means impacting users who accessed your website with ads, encouraging them to return to your virtual store.

When e-commerce uses this strategy, each user who accesses the site is tagged with a cookie – a type of file that stores information such as IP address, pages visited, login, and password, among other data.

This way, creating specific marketing campaigns for each user visiting the virtual store is possible based on the information provided.

Such actions may include:

  • Advertising on other sites.
  • Displaying ads on social networks.
  • Email marketing.
  • Results on search engines.

Why Join Ecommerce Remarketing Actions?

Which is more logical: converting a customer who has never had contact with your brand or re-engaging a consumer who has already shown an interest in buying from your online store?

About 95% of users who visit a website for the first time are just searching and not buying.

In addition, cart abandonment rates around the world reached 88.05%; even when the consumer shows interest in effectively making the purchase, he only sometimes completes the payment.

E-commerce remarketing campaigns are essential to increase your online store’s conversions and, consequently, your sales.

Furthermore, retargeting actions also help to increase visibility and strengthen the brand over time.

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How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Remarketing Actions

Do you want to improve the performance of your e-commerce remarketing strategies? We separate some tips that will help you optimize your actions and increase your sales.

Bet On Different Remarketing Actions

There are several remarketing actions that an e-commerce company must adopt to succeed in its strategy. Among the main ones, we can list the following:

  • Banner and display ads on other websites
  • Advertisements in the form of links in search results
  • Ads on social networks
  • Personalized email marketing

That is, you can go beyond the specific configuration of your ads and automate personalized email marketing campaigns for action. You can send a cart abandonment reminder email, encouraging your consumer to return to the site, indicating similar products that may interest you, publicizing promotions, and nurturing your customer with relevant content.

Try Different Content Formats

After structuring your ecommerce remarketing strategy, it’s time to test different content formats. A simple change to your ad’s image or text can positively impact your conversions.

Experiment with different call-to-actions and test various images to identify which format delivers the best performance.

You have even more possibilities in email marketing as the content is more extensive. Try different layout formats, explore new approaches, and track the results!

Optimize Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns

Your consumer has reached the last stage of the purchase: he has placed all the products in the cart, registered on your website, filled in the delivery information, and when it comes time to make the payment… he has given up! Or, worse: it generated a purchase slip but did not make the payment.

This situation is expected when abandoned cart recovery campaigns come into play. But what if you could increase the efficiency of this type of action?

One tip is to send a payment link to the consumer with all the purchase details. As its name suggests, this tool allows the merchant to send a link that takes the customer to a secure payment page.

This way, instead of reaccessing the website to complete the purchase, all the consumer needs to do is choose the way they want to complete the payment – ​​credit card, debit card, bank slip, among others – and that’s it! Simple and fast.

Offer The Best Browsing And Shopping Experience

Your consumer has returned to your site and is willing to complete a purchase. Excellent.

Imagine your frustration if the consumer faces a series of errors, such as slow loading and poor usability when browsing the site—the chances of dropping out increase significantly. Therefore, constant improvements and optimizations are essential to increase your online store’s conversion.

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