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The Best Certified Ethical Course In 2022

If you are looking for certified ethical hacking training then look nowhere because you have landed on the right place where you will get complete information on the course.

Certified ethical hacking or CEH which is also known as CEHv11 is a very prestigious and responsible position in any company. So by this course, you will be a part of a community of ethical hackers.

Ethical Hacking

Generally, people tend to confuse when they first hear the word ‘hacking’, so here it becomes important to first discuss what ethical hacking is. This will help the newbies to understand the course completely.

Basically, this sort of ethical hacking is used for security purposes in the organization. As today more and more activities are acquiring a digital platform and everything is becoming online the risk of security breaches is also concerning the industries.

Security is a very complicated issue in the IT industry all around the world especially when the IT market is expanding like no before and with existing economic uncertainties the concern of security becomes ever more complicated.

That is where the role of ethical hacking emerged in order to protect the confidential data of a company from modern hackers. In ethical hacking, you have to test and evaluate the security of the corporate environment with respect to the real – world.

For this, you have to use real-world hacking tools and methodology, and check that to what extent the security of your company can be comprised if a malicious hacker tried to do so. And then you can work to fix that security breach that has come across in your testing.

This will help in keeping the company’s or the client’s assets safe and establish credibility in the company which will, in turn, sustain customers. The existing trend of augmented viruses, malware, and ransomware has increased with time and so is the need for ethical hacking.

As an ethical hacker, you have to use the same knowledge and tools that a malicious hacker can use but all this will be done in a legitimate and lawful manner that can’t be questioned by anyone. So as an ethical hacker you have to deliver legitimate services to IT companies and organizations.

That is why today almost every company across all industries hiring ethical hackers who can work for keeping their crucial data secure and safe.

For finding out all the possible security breaches you need to use all the security threats such as Trojans, viruses, and other malware. So you need to be updated with the latest hardware and software as well.

While there is a very thin difference between malicious hacking and ethical hacking you have to be aware of the ethics of using your skills during the testing of systems and possess fine knowledge of IT infrastructure.

For this, you may have to create and run scripts to test for attempted and potential security breaches and if any are found then you need to report it in detail with an assessment of the risk that you have found to the IT department.

So you can see what ethical hacking is and how it can help IT departments, and organizations fix their security breaches.

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Course Overview

In this course, you will learn theoretical understanding and practical experience in ethical hacking and the advanced version of certified ethical hacking with up-to-date information including the latest methodologies, concepts, and tools.

Here you will also get a lab manual which will provide a step–by–step guide of highly technical concepts that will empower your learning.

In this course, you will understand how to focus on the attacks targeted to tablet computers and mobile platforms and also consists of countermeasures to safeguard mobile infrastructure. Not only this but you will be prepared for the certification exam through this course.

Through this course, you can excel in the 5 phases of ethical hacking that are defined by the council of EC. By this course, you can become a certified ethical hacker who has knowledge of advanced hacking trends and secure the assets of the company and the clients.

Today many companies are moving to clouds for storing their data as it offers many benefits but also makes their data prone to hackers. In the course, you will learn how to secure the data even when it is stored in the clouds.

This course is made for the security specialist, security analyst, IT operation manager, IS, IT specialist, analyst or manager, security manager, security officer, security professional, security auditor, security administer, network specialist, administer, consultant and manager.

With that, if you want to become a system analyst, senior system engineer, system administrator, technical support engineer, and professional in ethical hacking then this course is perfect for you.

Here in the course, you will learn the purposes, methods, and tools used in ethical hacking that you can use in your organization environment and also prepared for the certification exam. So you are only prepared for the comprehensive exam but also for your future job roles and responsibilities.

Course Content

The content of this course is very simple and straightforward so you don’t need to worry about the complexity of the course.

Your first unit starts with an introduction to ethical hacking and moves forward with footprinting and reconnaissance, scanning networks, enumeration, vulnerability analysis, system hacking, malware threats, sniffing, social engineering, denial of service, and session hijacking.

After this you will learn how to evade IDS, Honeypots and Firewalls, hacking web servers, SQL injection, hacking wireless networks, hacking mobile platforms, IoT hacking, cloud computing, and at last ends with cryptography.

So in the course, every aspect of ethical hacking is covered through two modes of learning. One is the theory part and the second is practical work.

Practical work is inspired by the learn by doing approach where you can learn and explore more about ethical hacking through real-world problems, case studies, and assignments. To clear your basics in theory classes you will be provided with e-learning materials.

Your mentors are industry leaders who guide you with their years of experience, expertise and share their real–world tips with you which will help throughout your career. To make classes interactive workshops, team-based exercises, group discussions, and panel discussions are organized timely.

In this way, the course will cover basic to advanced level knowledge of ethical hacking and inculcate problem-solving skills in you.


There are not many specific requirements for this course but you must have basic level knowledge of IT systems and updated malware issues which will help you in learning quickly and efficiently.

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Benefits Of Learning Ethical Learning

There are many benefits of a course in ethical hacking which are important to know if you are hesitant to go with this course.

The course offers training in 5 phases that cover every level of vulnerability and will make you fully trained in ethical hacking.

This field is ever-expanding, as the online world is increasing and accumulating almost every aspect of life so it is hard to believe that it will ever shrink. Thus your need as an ethical hacker never gets out of demand.

Therefore you will always have excellent opportunities in front of you that offer you nice jobs with decent payroll.

So don’t let this chance miss from your palms and go with an ethical hacking course to give a kickstart to your career.

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