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Successful With New Work? With The Right Technology, Your Company Will Succeed Too!

More and more employees are expressing the desire for a home office and flexible and mobile working. However, many companies are very hesitant to accommodate their employees and their ideas of New Work. Technology poses a challenge. With new solutions, however, the demands of both sides can be met.

For Generations Y and Z, New Work primarily means flexible working hours and a better work-life balance. The traditional 9-to-5 job is increasingly disappearing – as is the strict separation of the office and the workplace at home.

The “digital natives” of those born after 1980 are increasingly expressing a different self-image than previous generations did.

The frequently mentioned work-life balance poses new challenges for companies, especially creative and technical jobs. Because to retain their well-trained employees, companies have to move internally and find practical solutions to meet the wishes of their employees.

What Companies Should Do For New Work Today

The basis for flexible and mobile working is the willingness of companies to change. Clearly defined rules make it easier for everyone involved to adapt to the new working conditions and move within these structures.

The technology is just as crucial for implementing the new work philosophy. Mobile devices such as notebooks or tablets and the unrestricted use of virtual desktops allow employees maximum flexibility.

In addition to these basics, efficient room solutions help implement New Work practically and technically.

Success With New Work? With Video Collaboration Products!

So that communication in the team, independent of location, can also be successfully structured, comfortable, and easy-to-install room solutions create a collaboration “like in life.” Logitech has developed unique, high-quality conference systems for this purpose.

The Logitech Rally system allows conferences and video meetings to be held in studio quality. Voice control is clear and optimally designed for medium to large conference rooms.

The system is particularly suitable for video conferencing apps that work with USB devices, such as Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Skype ® for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

The Ultra HD image capture system enables razor-sharp video recordings, excellent colour reproduction, and image reproduction that is true to the original at resolutions of up to 4K. It is therefore no longer necessary to darken the windows in meeting rooms.

Thanks to the proactive RightSense™ technologies with modular sound, intelligent cable management, and a premium quality design, the system takes conferences to a new level.

Another system is the Logitech MeetUp room solution. It uses RightSight™ technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Camera position and zoom are automatically adjusted to constantly present the best picture of the participants in the meeting room.

The RightSound™ technology offers a so-called beamforming microphone arrangement. An algorithm records sound waves and evaluates them to suppress double waves quickly during transmission. Result: Louder and quieter voices are balanced, and annoying background noise is suppressed.

The room solutions are controlled with Logitech-Tap: The Tap is a touch controller conveniently connected via a USB port like an additional screen.

Whether digital signage, teamwork, room automation, or the management of environmental conditions: Various work processes can be implemented with the Tap and offer significant advantages thanks to the touch control. All meeting participants can experience a pleasant live feeling.

Logitech Enables Companies To Do New Work

Logitech’s innovative room solutions and products for video collaboration make it easy, efficient, location-independent, and comfortable for companies to work together as a team because technology is a factor that should not be underestimated when it comes to establishing flexible corporate structures.

Ultimately, it is now up to the company’s management to fulfil the wishes of its employees and implement (technical) changes.

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