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Android Emulator Also Available In ISO Format: PrimeOS

PrimeOS, Android becomes installable, in a very simple way, even on x86 systems. Alternatively, it can be run from a USB stick when the machine starts. We have already introduced you to several Android emulators and versions of the Google operating system ported to the x86 platform in the past. One of the most popular ways is Remix OS, a project that ended in July 2017 and is no longer being developed today.

Porting Android to x86 systems while ensuring good performance and excellent usability by adapting an operating system designed for mobile devices with a mouse, keyboard, and touchpad is a challenge that began several years ago. Among the best Android emulators, BlueStacks has ease of use and top-of-the-class performance on its side.

In the article BlueStacks, what it is and How it Works, we presented its main features while in the following in-depth analysis of a Stable, fast and performing Android emulator: how to configure it on a PC, we went into more detail; also focusing on the concept of emulation. BlueStacks uses virtualization to load the Android operating system, allowing you to manage multiple virtual instances simultaneously.

Thus, it is possible to quickly switch from one Android installation to another, deleting a virtual machine that is no longer used in one click with the possibility of restoring an image containing apps and games that are used most often (for example, with accounts Google already preconfigured and with all system components such as the Google Play Store already updated to the latest version). Bluestacks uses virtual disk images in Virtualbox format and can be used, thanks to virtualization, to run the Android operating system and apps together with Windows or macOS.

The PrimeOS project, on the other hand, rises from the ashes of the now-defunct Remix OS and is distributed as an ISO file. This means that the operating system image can be suitably made bootable on a USB stick. This support can be used to install Android on the hard disk or to start it on boot without changing the configuration of the Windows PC. PrimeOS also offers an installer that prepares the USB stick’s contents to be used to boot the system.

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PrimeOS: How It Works

PrimeOS is an Indian project: the developers have worked very well to adapt Android to work on PCs. The operating system supports the use of multiple windows – exactly as Windows and macOS do -allows you to resize them in a very simple way, integrates an advanced file manager and, above all, it resembles the interface of the Microsoft system .

PrimeOS has a user interface similar to that of Windows with a practical application bar (the icons can be freely arranged and moved to or from the desktop) and with a Start menu also containing a search box. On the right is a notification area closely resembling the Windows Notification Center. Great attention has been placed on supporting Android video games and optimizing keyboard and mouse controls (in this regard, many customizations are offered). The operating system is also designed to work even on rather dated hardware.

PrimeOS Is Offered In Three Versions: Mainline, Standard And Classic

The first is intended for more recent 64-bit systems (from 2014 onwards), such as machines based on fifth-generation Intel Core CPUs or less-performing processors such as Intel Celeron N4000 or AMD A8 7410. The important thing is that the CPU has support for SSE 4.2 extensions. It is not recommended for use on NVidia discrete graphics card systems. PrimeOS Standard is instead intended for 64-bit systems with hardware components dating back to 2011 or later.

Also, in this case, the support for the SSE 4.2 extensions by the processor is essential, but compatibility with all the GPUs in circulation is guaranteed. Finally, PrimeOS Classic was developed for older 32-bit systems (pre-2011). By acting on the Android settings and then typing Languages ​​in the search box, it is possible to transform the entire PrimeOS interface into India.

After setting up the Google account, it will be possible to use PrimeOS to install any application from the Google Play Store or APK files. Downloading PrimeOS can be done completely free from this page. At the moment, PrimeOS is updated to Android 7.1.2, but an update to Oreo should arrive over the next few months.

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