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About Javascript:

The term “Javascript” is understood to mean a general object-oriented, cross-platform scripting language with the help of which tools and certain tricks can be built into the website concerned.

Especially for laypeople and beginners, the possibility of using Javascript is an enrichment, as the script only has to be embedded in a simple text editor: You don’t need any complex additional tools to activate a functional Javascript, for example, App builder.

When using Javascript, however, it is important to note that the coding cannot stand on its own but must be embedded directly in an HTML document to control its environment and to be able to use it effectively.

The syntax commands are a lot simpler than they are for a similar form of website programming called Java. On the whole, however, the use of Java for the creator of the page on the Internet is simpler and less complicated.

Javascript Write For Us – Contribute A Guest Post On Javascript Related Topics

  • IIFE
  • JavaScript Closures
  • Scope
  • Hoisting
  • The Module Pattern
  • JavaScript(ES6) Class

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