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How To Validate Your Business Plan With An Accountant

If the realization of the business plan is a work that the entrepreneur must mainly carry out, its validation often involves the intervention of outside professionals. The accountant has a vital role in validating the business plan, particularly on the forecast, the financial package and the choices of business creation (which impact the forecast).

Why should you validate your business plan with a chartered accountant?

The advice of a chartered accountant will be beneficial to you in the financial study of your business creation or takeover project. This professional will also intervene in a second area strongly correlated with economic forecasts: your business creation choices ( legal status, taxation, social security of the business owner). The validation by the accountant is one of the last steps in the realization of the business plan.

Then, more generally, the analysis of your business plan by a chartered accountant allows you to obtain an external and qualified view of your project’s construction. Indeed, accountants are professionals who regularly support entrepreneurs.

Finally, the validation of your business plan by a chartered accountant is often a positive argument for the banking establishments that you seek in the context of financing. Sometimes this is even a requirement on the part of the bank.

If you intend to hire an accountant to manage your accounts, we recommend that you find your firm as soon as possible. Before ordering your accounting, your accountant has a role to play in validating your business plan.

Business plan verifications to be carried out with the accountant

A chartered accountant is a specialist in all matters related to accounting, taxation and legal issues of business creators. This professional is the most competent interlocutor to help you validate several parts of your business plan:

  • The installation of the company (legal status, tax system.), advising you on these decisions,
  • Your forecast, by analyzing your figures and their consistency,
  • And your financial package, checking that it is well balanced.

On the other hand, the chartered accountant will not be the best interlocutor to help you at the level of your reflections related to the analysis of your market, your competitors, the choice of your positioning and your strategy. He will still be able to provide you with an interesting outside perspective on these subjects. At this level, it is best to interact with experts in your industry, mentors or business leaders.

Choose an accountant to validate your Business Plan

Although all accountants have, in principle, the skills to help you validate the financial part of your business plan, you must be sure to choose a professional who will give you enough time to support you.

As part of business creation or takeover, you should favour a responsive accountant, available and used to supporting entrepreneurs in realizing their projects. The professional advising you must be able to:

  • Offer you time and quickly deal with your needs,
  • Offer you real support,
  • And make you benefit from his experience in business creation/takeover.

Our partner accountants, who are involved in our application to support entrepreneurs, meet all of these criteria.

Make a business plan

The Entrepreneur’s Corner offers you an application that allows you to build a complete business plan online and free of charge: Create your business plan.

The application allows you to generate a complete business plan, an economic presentation of the project, and a financial forecast.

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