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How Do I Find A Company Registration Number?

A running number must be requested as an entrepreneur at the moment of you in which you have your first employees want to deal with. According to the definition, a company number is a number that is used to identify employees in their social security system.

Definition – what is an establishment number?

According to the definition, the establishment number is used in official statistics as a technical aid to set up reporting groups. It is also used for particular and defined economic areas and their specific populations. Applying for a company number is also essential because it can be used to merge information in your company, provided that this information comes from internal surveys. This saves you the time and effort involved in double surveys.

When do I need a company number?

As already mentioned initially, you always need a company number if you want to employ employees. Therefore, the number of employees is irrelevant, and applying for the company number must take place before the first employee is employed.

For you as the founder, employees are an important goal of your independence, but you must also observe the reporting obligation of your employees in this context. Applying for the company number is also necessary because you need this number to register every employee with social security and health insurance.

When do you need the company number?

You need to know that you need a company number from the moment you want to hire an employee. It doesn’t matter what kind of employee you want to employ. This means that you have to apply for a company number even if the job is a mini job or a € 450 job. Even when employing a trainee, you cannot avoid applying for the company number. This procedure applies to you both when starting a new company and when taking over a business.

Apply for a company number: This is how you proceed!

To be able to apply for a company number, you have to follow a specific process. It is best if you apply for this company number electronically, i.e. online. You can do this yourself or have someone authorized by you. This could be your tax advisor, for example. You have to pay attention to the following procedure :

  • An online application is available on the website of the Federal Employment Agency to apply for the company number.
  • As a rule, you will be shown your desired company number immediately, as it is assigned automatically in most cases
  • However, you will also receive a notification and a valid company number by post.


The Federal Employment Agency assigns the company number. As a self-employed person, there is an obligation to apply for a company number if you intend to employ your first employee. You need this company number to register with social security or register employees with the health insurance company. This number must also be applied for when employing a mini-jobber, just like when working in a private household

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