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How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving The Productivity Of Employees?

There has been a steep rise in using modern technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI), in business operations. AI has revolutionized several fields of operations, including sales and marketing, customer service, staff recruitment, reducing production costs, and more. One such field AI has shown potential is improving employee productivity.

Many industries are leveraging the impact of AI on the productivity of employees to enhance operational efficiency and revenue.

Four Ways AI Improves Employee Productivity

According to Accenture, AI enhances employee productivity by up to 40%. Let us find out how:

1. Automating mundane and unproductive tasks

AI automation eliminates employees from performing tedious and repetitive tasks. However, this does not signify that AI can lead to a mass drop in employee recruitment by replacing the working staff.

Instead, it has majorly changed the type of tasks and jobs that need to be done by the employees. AI increases productivity by making several tasks more easy and efficient, including customer service, detecting hackers, and more, allowing employees to perform more meaningful and complex tasks.

AI chatbot for business handles repetitive, and around 80% of customer queries accurately, eliminating the need for employees to do so.

2. Transforming hiring process

In many organizations, HR (Human Resources) managers use AI-driven solutions for assessing job applications, skills, and personality traits to find the right and suitable candidates for a particular job position.

In addition, AI technology helps recruiters determine if a candidate is suitable to work under their company’s culture, making the hiring process much more unbiased and efficient. Moreover, the artificial intelligence personal assistant facilitates the onboarding journey, employee retention, and talent development.

3. Improving communication across multiple platforms

AI in customer service offers multiple modes of communication and channels to customers based on their preferences.

Different generations prefer different ways to communicate with employees or businesses. While some prefer direct human interaction, others go for a digital message or chatbots.

This solution enhances customer experience, allows them to choose from multiple options, and enhances employee productivity. They do not have to answer a customer call or request with conversational AI.

In addition, AI also boosts employee engagement by building team spirits amongst remote employees through technologies such as video conferencing, bringing workers to work together. This results in improving employee productivity and building personal connections.

4. Reward systems for productive and happy employees

AI technology also has a few indirect benefits, including much happier employees. AI has increased work satisfaction and employee engagement, and happiness, resulting in peak productivity and performance.

In addition, recognizing productive employees and rewarding them helps retain employees, builds their confidence to be more productive, and enhances their culture and revenue. Multiple tools and technologies are used to eliminate bias in such rewards programs and reward the right and deserving employees.

Summing Up

Some have a misconception of AI replacing the human workforce, which is not completely true. AI solutions take up and perform tedious tasks, preventing employees from doing them. This also allows employees to work on other tasks which AI cannot handle, increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Banking and AI have helped increase sales, revenue and enhance customer experience significantly. To incorporate intelligent AI solutions within your institutions, you must check out the solutions by providers such as interface.ai.

Leading AI solutions providers offer high-impact automation solutions to upgrade businesses and increase their revenue, customer experience, improve employee productivity, and more.

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