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Eight Affordable POS Systems

POS software does not have to be expensive. Eight low-cost POS systems for retailers and restaurants. The range of POS cash register systems (point-of-sale software) is huge and, at first glance, quite confusing. In addition, everything has become a little more complicated since the GDPR. Unfortunately, many of the free tools that used to work great are no longer GDPR compliant. The regulation tries to prevent manipulation in the age of digitization and digital cash register systems.

This article provides an overview of inexpensive POS systems that offer everything needed at the point of sale today. Our selection criteria were:

  • GDPR compliant
  • meet the requirements of the Cash Security Ordinance 2020 (has TSE)
  • very good value for money
  • Also suitable for small businesses


ready2order is an all-rounder that offers companies from a wide variety of industries preconfigured packages with the corresponding functions. Do you have a taxi company? ready2order comes super-reduced to enable the fastest possible passenger handling – and with useful features such as tip journal or shift end report. Do you work in retail? ready2order comes with an award-winning cash register, enables employee time recording, and connects to the merchandise management system. For catering establishments, it offers zoning, menu selection, and happy hour. The software is quick to set up and has a modern-looking, very clean interface right from the start.


The software costs EUR 24 for a basic subscription and EUR 36 for a gastro package plus a one-time activation fee of EUR 99. ready2order can be tested free of charge for 15 days. ready2order also offers the right hardware, from receipt printers and iPads to cash drawers.


3POS is a modular, customizable POS software that specializes in gastronomy and retail. What is immediately noticeable about 3POS: the manufacturer thought about the introduction. The customer receives comprehensive advice and then a solution tailored to his needs, preconfigured and, if desired, including hardware. In addition, the introduction can be accompanied by on-site training for employees and management staff. The system runs on different devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop PCs and under many operating systems. A clean and modern-looking user interface ensures intuitive operation. Are among his customers.


3POS is available from EUR 39 per month. The exact price depends on the duration of the subscription, the range of functions, and the number of devices used. But even the cheapest variant offers a connection to the inventory control system, a cash book, DATEV interface, voucher function, and time recording. A free 30-day test of the software can be requested from the manufacturer.


orderbird is a POS system only for the iPad and only for restaurateurs. In return, orderbird is convinced of its clean interface and clever features – for example, multi-course menus can also be coordinated with the tool. orderbird also comes with ERP functions for the hospitality industry. In this way, you can keep a full overview of the company’s key figures even when you are on the move via apps. Concentrating on one industry seems to be working well for orderbird. Customers are more than 11,000 restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, ice cream parlors, and beer gardens.


orderbird costs EUR 29 per month per device, plus a service fee. Preconfigured hardware can also be purchased. You have to clarify with orderbird what the overall package will cost in operation. The price depends on individual needs. A free demo can be requested on the website.


Paymash is an all-rounder system for gastronomy and retail, in which online trading can also be integrated. A great feature is the integrated CRM tool: it manages customer profiles and customer feedback, shows who the most loyal customers are, enables voucher and discount campaigns to be carried out, and more. The various dashboards and reports are also convincing. Paymash can be seamlessly connected to the merchandise management system, shows overviews of all branches, and contains special extensions for restaurants. Despite a relatively large variety of functions, the system can still be used easily and without training.


In terms of price, Paymash comes in three packages: from 29 EUR to 99 EUR per month. A free trial version is offered as well as an online demo.


Till Is an iPad POS system for retailers and service providers. Here, too, emphasis is placed on mapping the analog world and online trading in one solution. The software manufacturer has over 20 years of POS software experience. You can tell from the tidy, understandable menus. Tillhub is also aimed at companies with ambitions. The software grows with the company. New branches can be set up, or the range expanded with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Tillhub does not offer any standard packages. The cost of the system depends on the functions required. A free demo to try out can be requested on the website.


At SumUp, the focus is on card payments. SumUp Start is aimed at small business owners who mainly want to accept card payments. Without monthly fixed costs, only transaction fees apply. The free app for iOS and Android offers basic functions for getting started in the business. The POS system offers more. The devices are preconfigured. All that is needed is a brief introduction. The integrated cash book records all transactions in compliance with the tax authorities. Keep track of things with reports.


There are no monthly fees for SumUp Start. The transaction fees are 0.9% for EC and 1.9% for credit card payments. Card terminals are available from EUR 29. The POS cash register system is available from EUR 39 per month. There is no setup fee.


LocaFox POS is an all-in-one solution with a focus on retail. LocaFox POS is not just a cash register. The software is also an electronic cash book with functions for inventory management and e-commerce. The other range of functions is also convincing. For example, the system supports splitting payments into different payment types, regulates returns, cancellations, and stock reversals quickly and easily, enables voucher campaigns, and much more.


To get to know the tool, LocaFox POS offers a 14-day free test of the software. There are three packages with different functionality. LocaFox reveals the prices during a consultation.


Inventorum positions itself as a professional all-in-one package for retailers that combines POS, accounting, inventory management, customer management, and online shops in one app. The combination of the different solutions works very well and without a mess of interfaces. Dashboards, reports in real-time, export functions for the tax advisor.

Thanks to its elegant merchandise management system, the solution is probably particularly suitable for shops that have to manage many individual products. Inventorum itself cites vape shops as an example, which have to manage countless variants of e-cigarettes, liquids, and accessories. Still, there are certainly many other industries that are facing similar challenges. And INVENTORUM is simply a great solution when it comes to product and inventory maintenance.


The software can be tested for 14 days. As is customary in the industry, there are three basic packages available to customers, which differ in their range of functions and price. Basic costs € 49 per month, PLUS € 69 and PREMIUM € 99. In the annual subscription, the packages are 10 to 20 € cheaper per month.


The POS software market is quite large, but one of the solutions above is sure to fit your needs. Take the opportunity to test the software for free. So you can quickly find out which one suits you best.

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