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Customer Geolocation: Advanced Profiling

There is a lot of talk about digital marketing and the use of the web to generate profiled contacts to find new potential customers for your company. However, the focus on taking care of these contacts, even offline, often needs to be improved. Although our reality is based on interaction facilitated by technology, man remains a “social animal” who needs direct face-to-face confrontation. That’s why it’s so important to have human resources to take care of customers! Sales agents are your company’s flesh and blood business cards, so they must have resources and tools to facilitate their relationship with the customer. Have you ever thought about how much easier it would be for an agent to identify his potential customers at a glance to schedule appointments in the same geographical area without wasting time?

Why Must A Sales Agent Have A CRM?

The CRM is the trump card of the agent who wants to devote his time to customers rather than wasting hours on business trips. Not only does a CRM for sales agents allow you to quickly identify the origin of business, thus facilitating business analyses and the production of reports on a geographical basis. Above all, it will enable the organization of visits. Travel optimization is a highly debated topic within companies because there is usually a tendency to reduce the budget made available to the collaborator on the move rather than consider an improvement in the scheduling of appointments.

Whether it’s a trip abroad or a morning of appointments around the company, thanks to a CRM with localization, the agent can access the list of contacts relating to the limited area and view their position on the map. This translates into convenience, simplification of organizational processes, and significant time savings, affecting working efficiency and turnover.

A cloud CRM with geolocation can also help assign competence areas in a team where the sales force can count on several units. Geolocation automates the processes related to the management of the rooms. When a new potential customer is entered into the CRM, it can be automatically associated with a salesperson based on geographic location. This way, each agent can view the company’s entire contact list but focus on their area of ​​interest.

When Is A CRM With Geolocation, Not Enough?

In a company, different figures constantly interface with each other and need to exchange information about projects and customers in real time. For an agent who jumps from one appointment to another, it is unthinkable that she can also find the time to update an Excel file and share it with her colleagues whenever she needs to update the team about the client she just met.

So how to do it? NetManager is customer management software with geolocation and runs on any device with an Internet connection. It helps all companies that want to save time and precious information. Thanks to NetManager, the user will not only be able to view the location of his customers in the list or on Google Maps but will also have the history of the relationship at his disposal. This is a great strength of this software because it allows you to obtain the


  • Personal and corporate data of the customer
  • Status of the deal
  • Level of profiling
  • Data of the interlocutors
  • Contact origin
  • Contact entry date
  • Archiving of documents (mailing, invoices, delivery notes, orders, estimates)
  • Notes deriving from phone calls or interviews, even from agents who no longer work with your company.

You will soon realize that the combination of this information will be the strong point of your company because it will guarantee 100% working and communication efficiency. Contact profiling through geolocation software can become your competitive advantage and lead you to achieve concrete results immediately.

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