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CPC Campaigns, How To Optimize Your Performance Using Chat GPT?!

The JVWEB consultants have worked on the subject and are giving you, today, 7 hacks to make Chat GPT your new ally and put this artificial intelligence at the service of your advertising performance.

GPT Chat, Let’s Summarize!

You have probably already read and heard everything about this stunning tool shaking up the media. Symbol of a new era where artificial intelligence is growing, Chat GPT offers performance rarely equalled, at least for the general public and at such an affordable price.

In short, Chat GPT is a conversational chatbot, accessible for free – although the new pro offer has already been announced.

In short, if you request it, it provides a relatively complete response, which you can regenerate until you obtain a text that satisfies you. He’s faster than any human. But remember that, like most AI available today, its learning is limited. In this case, Chat GPT is not connected in real time. Its achievements are, therefore, “blocked in time”, which can hinder certain uses.

Our advice: use this tool for what it is: a valuable assistant! Because, behind its magical side, this AI has its limits. It starts with you because, in real life, if your query lacks precision, the proposed result will be consistent. For meaningful use of Chat GPT, begin by learning how to formulate your requests correctly.

For example :

  • Bad request: write me an ad for Google Ads.
  • Intermediate request: Write me a Google Ads ad for my solar panel business, focused on energy savings.
  • Relevant request: write me an advertisement for Google Ads for my solar panel company, focused on energy savings, aimed at seniors living in the city who own their homes and are aware of ecology.

To guide Chat GPT towards a relevant response, the intelligence of the query makes the difference.

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Chat GPT, 7 Ways To Use It To Boost Your Advertising Performance

Power An A/B Test For Your RSA Google Ads ads

If, as we saw in the previous example, Chat GPT can help you write your Google Ads ads, particularly for Search, you can push the experience further by generating a methodology around the concept of A/B Testing. As you know, putting your ads in competition is essential, and Chat GPT can give you a head start by “pre-analyzing” its proposals.

Research Creative Concepts For Your Display Responsive Ads

The idea here is to challenge your creative ideas by bringing in external materials. Thus, you can ask Chat GPT to work, alternatively or not, on textual content or images. Don’t hesitate to generate a new answer to increase the number of leads. The approach can be used for different formats, such as Google Ads ad extensions or scripts for your YouTube sponsored videos.

Optimize Your Google Ads Landing Pages

Who says online acquisition? Says the landing page. You probably know how much of a difference this can make regarding conversion. You can use Chat GPT to test your landing pages and collect “opinions” or even recommendations to optimize the readability of your landing pages.

  • Query: This allows you to evaluate the page’s content and measure the relevance of your call to action.
  • Request : This will allow you to get a volley of content to position above the fold. Then it remains to choose the most relevant!

Organize Your Display Media Plan

Your Google ads and landing page are ready, all that remains is to organize your media plan to distribute your advertisements. Here, too, Chat GPT can help you. If he still needs to complete the schedule or contact your favorite AM, this AI can give you some ideas as to the directions to take for your campaign, particularly in display distribution.

  • Query: “If I need to run Google Ads on the Display Network for an eco-friendly solar panel company, what types of sites and channels should I target? “.
  • Not all ideas may be good to take! If sorting is necessary, you nevertheless have some ideas as starting points for reflection!

Actively Monitor Your Competitors

In the same spirit, Chat GPT helps collect market information, particularly on your competitors. However, its data is not the most up-to-date; you will likely have to complete this information with a manual search on Google the old-fashioned way! Again, the more detail you provide in your request, the more usable and complete the rendering will be.

  • Request: “Create a list of companies competing with (company name).” Indicates for each company: its name, its head office, its turnover, the number of employees. The results are to be compiled in a table.

Analyze Your Advertising Performance

As we saw with our SEA experts, when campaign performance drops, the first instinct is often to ask why. If Chat GPT does not provide you with a response as relevant and personalized as a SEA audit, this AI can still open up some avenues for reflection.

  • Query: “Conversions on the site (url) decreased by 20% with Google Ads Search campaigns . What areas should we examine to understand the drop in SEA performance? »

Optimize Your Conversion Rates By Identifying The Obstacles

If the decline in your performance, or even the lack of performance, is directly linked to customer objections, Chat GPT can help you identify the subject again. The objective is to help you anticipate the obstacles to purchasing by placing them first and then seeking answers to get around them.

  • Request : “I will tell my client that aluminum windows are better than wooden ones. What could he say to me to call into question my conclusion? »
  • Query : “Using the AIDA method, what are the arguments to convince a client that aluminum windows are better than wooden ones? »

As you will have understood, Chat GPT offers multiple possibilities, and its use can be an alternative to assist you in various management tasks for your Google Ads campaigns. However, as with a bold wizard, you must refine the result. Chat GPT is an AI tool with great potential as long as it remains guided by business intelligence, capable of moderating it.

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