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AI And Conversational Technology: Applications And New Profiles

During the last decade, technology has been making its way into our lives. Very few years have passed since the first mobile phones, and personal computers arrived. Today, video calls and online purchases are the order of the day. In addition, since the coronavirus outbreak, smartphones and laptops have been essential to guarantee educational, professional, and personal development. The same goes for AI and conversational technology at the enterprise level.

The Human Resources department has been, to a large extent, the orchestrator of the implementation and use of technology to improve processes:

  • The selection of candidates
  • The recruitment of talent
  • Internal communications between departments and with employees
  • Sending documentation and paperwork

Technology is an ally to create new job opportunities and build stronger relationships within companies. It is part of the DNA of HR.

AI and technology conversations are some of the latest technological resources that have been introduced in organisations. The objective of these two technologies is none other than to improve efficiency in companies and the experience of employees and candidates.

Adecco Talent BPO, the Process Outsourcing division of The Adecco Group, specialises in the Human Resources, Business, and Financial Areas, and Planeta Chatbot, the leading information portal on chatbot and AI, analyse the opportunities, applications, and new associated profiles to AI and conversational technology.

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The New Demands Of AI And Conversational Technology

In the words of Encarna Maroño, Director of Human Resources at Adecco Spain: “Artificial Intelligence and conversational technology will be essential elements to take into account in the coming years. Its correct use will mark the difference between companies and will allow all departments, especially Human Resources, to optimise and streamline their tasks”.

The birth of these new technologies and their rapid implementation is leading to a constant and growing demand for expert profiles, which will mark the future of the labour ecosystem. Vacancies related to the world of data engineering, machine learning, or the design of conversational interfaces are beginning to be primarily in demand.

Technical positions expected to be in increasing demand across all industries include data analysts, scientists, software and application developers, and e-commerce and social media specialists.

Daniele Tramontin, director of Adecco Talent BPO, explains that “after several years of introducing these technologies in the world of work, it has been possible to verify how, far from being a threat, they represent an opportunity to convert low-value tasks into more skilled jobs. . We are facing a transformation that requires a process of adaptation that gives rise to new opportunities that we must know how to take advantage of. The emergence of conversational technology and AI has opened the door to a new series of technological profiles whose demand has grown.

Some of the advantages of conversational technology include 24/7 availability, personalization of the experience, integration with other tools and technologies, simplicity, and versatility.

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